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Our mission is to provide the easiest, fastest, cheapest way for college and university students to buy textbooks and stuff. We think the Internet ought to be fun and that shopping for textbooks should be as fast and convenient as shopping for anything else on the Internet. We are making a personal commitment to every customer that eCampus.com will be the best source for everything they need.

Payment is now available by Direct Deposit

Website: http://www.ecampus.com/
Pays via Check
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Mar 2017 This company is very fair and even though they pay by check it is quite quick.
Dec 2016 Not easy to work with if you have a problem! I've periodically shipped buybacks to ecampus through the years and found them to be slow, but relieable. One thing that confuses the flow is that, once received, they don't process all the books in a buyback together at the same time. E-mails straggle in, indicating which books they've received and processed. Likewise, payment doesn't always occur at the same time. This led to recent e-mailing back and forth with them. They insisted they'd direct deposited the full amount for a buyback, while they had only paid for part of the order. It was a frustrating encounter.
Dec 2016 I have used many vendors through bookscouter.com, and eCampus is by far my least favorite! They really need to work on getting PayPal payment set up like pretty much every other vendor on this site basically. Makes everything so much easier! The last time I used eCampus it took over two months to get my check because I never received the first check they sent. I had to contact them to send me a new check. About a week later, they finally responded telling me that it would take approximately another 3 weeks just for them to approve another check be sent and another couple weeks on top of that for the check to arrive. The whole experience was incredibly frustrating. Horrible customer service! Would only maybe recommend if they have the highest buyback price for a particular book by a large margin.
Dec 2016 I have sent in multiple books to this company, and have received top-dollar for all of the books. I wish they used PayPal as a payment method due to its speed, but they are a genuine company looking to do business with you.
Aug 2016 I recently ordered a book from them and the price was like twenty dollars cheaper than other sites . Also I was extremely impressed at how fast it got here ! Go ecampus! I will use them again .
Jan 2016 I've sold 5 books to eCampus so far and haven't had a problem! My only complaint is that they don't offer PayPal and payment by check takes anywhere from 2-5 weeks! This is the slowest payment from any of the book companies I've used, so take that into account if you use them. If that doesn't bother you, they have some great buyback prices!

Note, they do offer ACH transfer, however I feel most comfortable with PayPal or checks.
Nov 2015 I've sold numerous books to ecampus and they've paid up promptly every time. Only drawback is they only offer check or direct deposit.
Sep 2015 I sold book in July to ecampus. I never got my check. after endless calls to the company, in Sept, I was told the check was cashed in 8/18/2015. I never had problems selling books to other companies. I will never use the company again.