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MyBookCart.com is located in scenic Deep River, CT. We have been selling used books since 2003. We have had thousands of satisfied customers. MyBookCart.com was started in early 2009. Throughout our years of selling used books, we understand what customers want: Fair price quotes, fast payment, good communication, excellent customer service, and an easy to use website. Each day we strive try to find new ways to exceed your expectations.

Website: http://www.mybookcart.com/
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Jan 2017 I did not have a good experience with MyBookCart. They said that my book was counterfeit, which I do not believe was accurate. I am a professor who received the book from the publisher. There are several ISBN numbers for various textbook packages, and perhaps there was a misunderstanding. Once I did contact MyBookCart, they did agree to pay me, but it was a time-consuming process. I have never experienced this problem with other vendors. Even though MyBookCart offered more for the text than other competitors, I would not use this vendor again, based on my experience.
Dec 2016 I like selling to MyBookCart. They do not buy every title, but, when they do, the prices are good and there is never a problem getting paid. I have been selling to them for 2 1/2 years and I will continue.
Jul 2016 Mybookcart paid via Paypal 4 days after receiving the book. Highly recommended.