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We make it simple, fast and profitable for you to sell books. You don't want to be stuck with old textbooks on your shelf that you are never going to open again, so get rid of them! Sell textbooks back to us, and get extra cash in your pockets! SellBackBooks.com makes it easy to sell textbooks online for more money than your campus bookstore will pay!

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May 2017 Horrible company. When I first started selling with them, it was all good. I got a reasonable of money from the books that I sent in.

Then the last two orders they only payed me $4.75 out of $21 quote that I received. I always follow their guidelines and rules and never send in damaged books
Jul 2016 Giving one star when I should give none.
They take too long to pay and they pay by check or direct deposit only, no pay pal. I sent books in MAY,I am still waiting for payment. When I call, I get the same answer...that they are so behind and that everything is delayed for 1,2 ,3 weeks.
Sorry, if this is your business get a handle on it. Your customers do not want to hear that you cannot handle your busiest times of year.Not worth the trouble.
Jul 2016 i have not been paid for the last 9 orders i have sent in!!!!! the staus on them all just say submit..... no one will return my emails!!!!!
Jul 2016 This vendor isn't the easiest to use for a few reasons. First, they pay by check or direct deposit. Payment by check takes about a month and a half, but at least you can trace which orders are being paid as the order number is listed on the stub. Unfortunately, you're quite likely to see one dollar from one order on one check, $3 from the same order on another check that you receive days later. If you choose direct deposit, you lose that information. There are better options available usually.
Oct 2015 I'm not sure why these guys (it's the same outfit as 'eCampus', another DBA they operate as) have such a high rating: as a book scout, I've sent a number of orders to them, the first of which which were paid-in-full (although slowly), but then they stopped paying the full quoted amounts without any explanations.

Although I like the ACH direct-deposit idea, one of their problems is they send a series of emails acknowledging receipt as 1-3 titles are checked in. How hard can it be to to unpack the entire box and THEN send only one email? Do they really need coffee breaks after unpacking 1-2 books?

The problem is also exacerbated since they don't send emails explaining which order(s) the direct deposits are to be made for!

This also makes keeping track of 'accounts receivables' a MAJOR headache, if not impossible.

In fact, I called them a few months ago for clarification of why they deposited mystery money into my account (the amount was $0.50, when I was expecting $5.00), and was told they didn't keep track of what payments were made.

Say what? Such basic bookkeeping is S.O.P. in ANY business, but SBB apparently doesn't see it as necessary.

I was most-recently short-changed $8.00 (on a $28.00 order), without any explanation as to why.

So I've concluded SBB is either incredibly incompetent, or playing dumb by operating a borderline scam, sucking books into their KY black hole to reappear elsewhere.

I won't be sending them books in the future, since although their problems are easily-fixable (eg how hard can it be to send a single email acknowledging receipt of a entire shipment, and an email tying the deposit to the order for which its paid?), you have to question if they're not intentionally muddying the waters as an excuse for not paying the full quoted amount(s).