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We're paying premium pricing for all of the books currently listed on the NY Times Best Seller List. Have a NY Times best seller? Get most of the price you paid back! Don't let those books collect dust on the shelf, sell them back to us quickly.


Sell Back Your Book
625 S Railroad St
Bldg 11
Montgomery, IL 60538

Phone: 630-800-1491

Pays via PayPal
Pays via Check
Vendor Pays Shipping
Provides Shipping Label


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Jun 2017 Thank you so much for your great service! I'll definitely continue to send you my books.
Jun 2017 I send out MANY (7 boxes) books to 7 different companies. And every single company paid me. No problems with ANY company I send the books to. If your books are crappy and you expect to get away with sending bad books and saying it's the companies fault then you might have problems getting paid. But if you send them genuinely good condition books, you will have NO PROBLEMS!! I promise! Sellbackyourbooks is a good company.i recommend. They aren't the fastest in paying, it takes a few days but they are reliable. Use them!
Jun 2017 I send out MANY (7 boxes) books to 7 different companies. And every single company paid me. No problems with ANY company I send to books to. If your books are crappy and you expert to get away with sending bad books and saying it's the companies fault then you might have problems getting paid. But if you send them genuinely good condition books, you will have NO PROBLEMS!! I promise! Sellbackyourbooks is a good company.i recommend. They aren't the fastest in paying, it takes a few days but they are reliable. Use them!
Jun 2017 Full and immediate payment. Thank you.
Jun 2017 I sent my Physics book to sell and it was in good condition! But it was volume 1 and I made sure that the ISBN number was correct and coming up as volume 1 and not the whole book. So after they received it they said that they couldn't find that it was real! All the nerve! It is not fake, it's real! Now they have it that they are not buying that particular book anymore, fortunately they are sending it back to me but they should at least give me something as a volume 1! I also sent a history book to them so hopefully they don't say it's fake or I'll give an ear full.
Jun 2017 I would give 0 stars but that wasn't an option, I sent my books two weeks ago, have called twice no response. No email nothing. I lost about 50.00 in books that I won't see again. DONT USE THEM!
Jun 2017 Just want everyone to know that they now have a new policy, whereby if you have EVER sent them a particular book, they will NEVER accept an identical book. How is one supposed to know if they have EVER sent them a copy of that book before. Strange new policy.
Apr 2017 Thanks for buying my books. Great customer service. Received my check within about a week and a half from day I shipped them. Thanks!!
Mar 2017 They take 3-5 weeks to pay you for your transaction.
Feb 2017 Never Use Them!

They received my book on February 14th; the order status on their website stayed "Delivered and awaiting quality inspection." for 7 days after that (though their FAQs said they process it in 2-3 days); and then I received an email from them saying that "my account is under review" and to verify they need a copy of my government-issued ID and receipts or invoices to prove that the book belongs to me.

Why should I be supposed to send my ID to a private company? And where am I supposed to get a receipt if I purchased the book from another student?

It looks just like they don't want to honor their quote and keep the book for themselves.
Feb 2017 Easy to use and quick payment; however, it seems like they always turn down a book due to "water damage" can be a bit annoying
Feb 2017 Do not use this business, I was suppose to be paid thru paypal on two different dates. I have never been paid, my account confirms payment wac processed , but no payment sent to PayPal. I have contacted sellbackyour book by email and telephone and no one has contacted me. Do not use them!!!!!
Jan 2017 Buyers Beware! I send them 2 brand new text book based on a revised quote from their website. After 2-3 week they send me less than half the money they offered in the quote. I emailed them many times . But didnt get any responds. I wish I should have research about this company before sending my books. Dont do business with them. You will lost your money and valuables both.
Jan 2017 I sell tons of books to these guys. My biggest issue is they consistently claim to not have received all the books in my order. About half the time they claim my orders to be missing between 1 and 4 books. They are not missing. I scan and put immediately in box. They get a lot of "free" books with this claim. I continue to sell to them because they offer on so many books others don't and they do pay quickly. I have not had a problem with smaller orders, but their employees can't seem to handle 50 books or more at a time.
Jan 2017 I accidentally mailed my wallet with my textbooks. I got a call and the lady verified that it was my wallet. She sent me my wallet and my check for the exact quote that I was promised. My first time selling my books at textbook recycling and it was a great experience thanks.
Dec 2016 Takes a while to get paid.
Dec 2016 They offered the most money for the book out of all the other websites
I looked at. I got my check in the mail shortly after I mailed of the book.
Dec 2016 I've been selling books to SellBackYourBook for about a year now. I've had nothing but wonderful service from this company! I get good feedback (e.g. let me know when my books have arrived, etc.) and prompt payment. It definitely is a "go-to" venue for me.
Dec 2016 Very easy transaction - thank you :)
Dec 2016 very easy transaction. would deal with again.
Dec 2016 Thank you for your quick service and professionalism in handling my sales.
Dec 2016 Quick, painless, professional. Nearly perfect. Only wish they had taken more of my books or that they had made it known that they were purchasing a new warehouse in anticipation of being able to buy back more books.
I have given the rest of mine away.
Dec 2016 90% of the time sell sellbackyoubooks had the top 3% in pricing. Instead of printing out ten different labels to ten different companies you should choose sellbackyoubooks for all your unwanted. One box. One label. I've used there service twice and both times it was a speedy process that got me a real check in a really quick fashion.
Dec 2016 Very disappointed! Will never use this company again. I was thorough in mailing 8 books, they claim they only received 6. They also denied 1 book as damaged; however, it was in excellent condition. There were no apologies, no explanation to my questions.
Nov 2016 I Have Used This Site Over 100 Times In The Last Few Years.
They Have Always Paid Me What They Said They Would And Always Very Quickly.
Sep 2016 Make sure your books are in mint condition. Books that were definitely in good, but not mint, condition were rejected. And, they want $3.99 to send them back to you! I recommend you avoid them.
Aug 2016 I would give sellbackyourbooks.com 0 stars. When there is a problem and you try to email them they are rude and very unprofessional. They take over a week to respond back to an email and don't address your problem. I sent in a book that they were not accepting so I had it sent back to me. When I sent it, it was sent in a box but I received it back in a bag which caused it to be even more damaged than when I received it. If I pay for it to be sent back to me I expect to receive it in the same condition. I will never purchase or sell books to this company again nor would I recommend them to anyone.
Jun 2016 this is my first time using sellbackyourbook. they are very easy to use, i found that they usually pay the best prices on the books they buy, which they buy a wider selection than any other vendor. i got paid next day after they received my books. they did not reject any, even the poor condition ones. i got the full quoted price on every book i sent in. i will use them again
May 2016 Well .... It used to be very good and, when it does purchase books, it does so very professionally. However, recently, I noticed significant decreases in prices. Today, the vendor sent out an e-mail (to past sellers) saying that, for a limited time only, it was increasing prices. I checked, and they were still abysmal. I couldn't finish checking because the website crashed. This is the second crash since the site was redesigned. Disappointing.
Apr 2016 Excellent experience all around! Easy to follow instructions, friendly and prompt emails, received check in just a few days.
I would definitely recommend them!
Apr 2016 I have sold 2 times to SellBackYourBook and the payment and notification were on par with was is expected. I trust this site.
Mar 2016 Excellent company & service! I've sold multiple boxes of books & have always received the quoted buyback price. There are two companies I completely trust on bookscouter.com & SellBackYourBook is one of them.
Mar 2016 An excellent experience, again. Received payment quick (within 2-3 weeks) and a check automatically shipped upon processing (you also have the option of Paypal as well

Very highly recommended. Always painless and quick cash besides
Mar 2016 Sold lots here, never a problem.
Feb 2016 Quick processong and paid as quoted. Definitely would use again.
Jan 2016 Best company! Great on everything, would use again!
Jan 2016 Prompt payment, easy to deal with customer support, great price, would use again!
Jan 2016 I have about 20 books to sell.....was wondering if you accept walk-ins....I'm about 30 miles away and can drive to you on a Saturday? Do you accept walk-ins? Thank you....Rick
Dec 2015 Quick payment, within the few weeks of shipment. I accidentally left off an item in my order, but it was no problem. Paid shipping. Received check immediately after books received on their part. I believe I received the odd email to confirm receipt of my order and order status as well, although I logged into my account with them to confirm. No worries!
Oct 2015 I have sold several orders to this company. I am alerted as soon as my package is received. The following day they process my order, and the next day I have my money. I have had to contact the company one time about a book and received a courteous professional response the same day. I would highly recommend this company.
Oct 2015 by far my favorite place to send books into. They communicate well without me having to contact them and i usually have money in my pp the next day after they recieve my books.
Sep 2015 I shipped one book they offered the highest resale on and was paid the quoted amount via PayPal within two days of them receiving the package.
Sep 2015 I have sold to Sellbackyourbooks twice now. Once in July and again in September. Both times I was paid what I was offered and a check was mailed within 1 day of receiving my order. They definitely don't pay well for the books but honestly none of these companies do unless the book is rare or really expensive and even then the prices aren't great. I would sell to them again in the future.
Sep 2015 It's been months since we sent our books to SellBackYourBook, and we have still not been paid. I have tried to contact them several times and I get no response, so I'm starting to think they basically stole the books. Go with another company.
Aug 2015 Glad I chose not to send back one of my books to this company. I was about to; placed my order, got the confirmation email (promptly), bought an envelope to send it back in, but realized I had entered the wrong PayPal account information when placing my sell-back order. Went back to my confirmation email to look for a "cancel order" option and found it strange that there wasn't one. Tried to call them, left a message, two days later and still no call back. Sent them an email about my issue, still nothing back. After reading mixed reviews, I decided not to send the book back after all. Hard to judge the quality of customer service when there is none, but I guess that speaks for itself. Seems shady, will not try to use this company ever again.
Aug 2015 Awful! I sent them my criminal law textbook in near perfect condition. I had bought the book new and used it for two months my sophmore year and it sat untouched in my garage for maybe a year. They offered me $27 so I sent it to them. A couple days later I recieved an email saying it was damaged and didnt meet their standards. They said if I didnt pay $3.99 to have it shipped back to me theyd recycle my book. I paid to get it back because the book is perfectly fine. Everyone I've asked agrees that the book is in nearly perfect condition. No markings, no rips, maybe a fold from a dog eared page thats it. Im extremely disappointed and hope no one ever does business with them!
Aug 2015 I have been paid the prices quoted consistently. As well, I am happy with the speed of payment.
Aug 2015 Sent an email that my books were received 7 business days ago but seem to be stalling on the payment part. I will use another vendor next time.
Jul 2015 Great! Every book I've sent to them they paid me the price it was quoted for.