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Whether in-store or on-line, we buy books we can resell. Our bids are based on the expected retail value of the books we buy. That retail value is derived from the books' desirability, current and historic market values, in-print prices, conditions, and our current stock levels. We offer 20% more in Powell's credit (to be redeemed in our stores or online) than we do in cash at our stores or through PayPal online.

We are very particular about the condition of the books we will buy. Please take a look at our condition guidelines before sending your books to us.

Website: http://www.powells.com/
Pays via PayPal
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Jun 2017 I have sent quite a few buyback orders to Powells. I find them to offer a decent and straightforward price, free shipping, easy website and fairly quick with the money back to my paypal account. If you pick Powell's credit the value is significantly more- and you can use it on-line. I let the credit built up over time and then was able to spend over $50(on new and used!) and get free shipping on their site . Overall an excellent experience from the grand daddy of used bookstores.
Apr 2017 I've sent one order to Powell's with no problems, and have a second one on the way. The buyback process went very well, and my only concern is that their web page for purchasing books seems to be glitched. When I search for books to buy (using my Powell's credit!), I can only view the first line of each search; scrolling down does not seem to work at this time.
Mar 2017 this company accepts a number of books and pays fairly. My big complaint is the web page. It can be a pain sometimes.
Jan 2017 I have sold to Powells for the last 8 years. They used to have good quotes and their search engine was user friendly and fast. Not Anymore. They changed their mail and their website . It's a nightmare. Powells now offers low quotes and their website is horrible. I get kicked off after spending hours getting quotes. I've been in the middle of completing buybacks and got bumped off. It's not worth the time and effort . I have switched to other vendors - which is a shame because I really liked them.
Dec 2016 Very time consuming and usually impossible checkout with buybacks. When I can finally get it entered and accepted it is impossible to print a buyback label...very slow in getting payment from them, I have sold to Powell for over five years but if things don't improve drastically and fast I am done with this company.
Nov 2016 BEWARE! Although I checked each book carefully, I was told that one of the books had a water stain, so the small amount of money I did receive was reduced even more. I tried to work out this problem with their customer service department but hit a brick wall. I will no longer be doing business with this company nor would I ever recommend them to anyone.
Oct 2016 I have been selling to powell's for a couple of years now and have never had an issue. I get paid using my paypal. I also have gotten store credits. They pay quickly. And I have always gotten paid what I was quoted( with the exception of a few books that were iffy). I would recommend them. Just make sure that you don't try to sell them anything that you wouldn't buy yourself and you will be fine.
Aug 2016 I sell books to Powells every week but I must say they have a very clumsy and time consuming check out compared to other sites. The company is good but they need to take time to make they checkout much more convenient. It takes me twice as long to check out with Powells than other sites.
Aug 2016 I have been selling to these guys for quite awhile. The more careful I am about the condition of the books I send the more books they reject. They find stains, damaged spines, missing media; every excuse imaginable to not pay. I am quite confident that most of these rejected books end up on their shelves.
Jul 2016 Since they changed their online system, it has become a painful process to attempt sales to Powell's. Their online buyback very frequently times out and you must then begin from scratch. Moreover, though you input a single ISBN, the system will record you as offering multiple volumes for sale, sometimes as many as six, but frequently 2 or 3.
Jul 2016 It is clear that since Powell's has moved from USPS to UPS, the amount they offer is considerably less than in the past. For example, books that once were purchased for $1.50 (2.25) now sell for 1.25 (2.00). Many books bring only .75. The minimum purchase and minimum number of volumes has also increased. I will be unable to actively seek to sell books to Powell's (I always ask for Powell's credit to counter what one writer has said below re virtual credit purchases, this time in defense of the bookstore: people disatisfied with their purchase have the option to return the book they purchased.)
Jul 2016 I have sold books to them for years and have rated them as 5 stars but their on line site is impossible to use. I am continually bumped off the site and need to begin again - today after 3 attempts I was finally offered a bid and the site would not let me sign in. Powells get your act together or you won't have any sellers
Jul 2016 Been selling to Powell's for over 7 years. While they have strict standards for books they buy, such as no writing or damage, the same does not seem to hold true for books they sell .
I just received books from them I bought with "Powells' Credit" (careful you don't choose that option when selling), and half of them had writing and/or damage. So, I have to assume they sell whatever books they reject anyway...
Jun 2016 Tried to sold a few books to them and I received $3.50 less since one book was missing the dust cover, another one said water damage, but that one was a brand new book, never touched water, not even water spills. Another said poor condition, but it was just normal wear. So if your books are not in perfect condition (almost impossible), do not send them. They won't return the items that they reject, even if it is a very expensive book. Used three other companies and did not have any issues; only with Powell's.
Mar 2016 I have an upcoming move and wanted to downsize my book collection so recently sold 4 boxes of books to Powell's online buyback system. The system is a bit wonky and does tend to "time out" so be sure to have all your ISBNs copied into wordpad, etc. in case you lose them. You won't get rich selling your used books, but I was happy with the prices they gave me. They're a little particular about condition so keep that in mind. I got docked $0.25 or so for a missing dust-jacket. No big deal, but something to keep in mind. Their customer service has been super friendly and courteous via email, truly awesome to work with... I love the prepaid shipping label, just print it out and drop your box off at any UPS store. I've received payment within 2 days of my books arriving to Powelll's. I would absolutely sell to them again and recommend using their buyback to anyone.
Feb 2016 Used in January 2016. Most of books were rejected despite meeting their condition guidelines. Took a long time for them to process. Probably would not use them again unless as a last resort.
Jan 2016 I have to agree that the Powell's website has gone terribly downhill. I have been selling books to them for several years. Since they changed the site, I am kicked off a quote after only a few moments. In addition, why in the world do they verify my address and then make me fill out all of the information when I create the label? I'm not so fond of the switch to UPS as I could have my packages picked up before on my porch from USPS. I can live with that but please Powell's, fix up the time out function as well as pre filling out the label and also putting the confirmation/tracking number on the label as you used to do.
Jan 2016 Having used them for over 5 years, I was always very pleased with Powell's. If you sent books in good condition fulfilling their criteria everything was great. But they have changed their web site and it is horrible, slow where in getting to where you want to be and too fast in terms of "kicking" you off with "timed out". Sad to say this frustrating site has me no longer wanting to use them. I wonder if any other sellers are equally disappointed. Change your site back to what it had been please.
Jan 2016 Powell's upgraded their computer system in the fall and I don't seem to be selling books to them much any more. I am happy to sell to them, as I believe that I'm as picky as their buyers. This is just a heads up that they are always the last quote to appear when checking prices through Bookscouter. Sometimes I might move on to check another book before Powell's price appears.
Dec 2015 Took tooooooooo long to send the money for my books, and they didn't even accept all my books last minute! Definitely not shipping to them again. I recommend Textbook Rush
Dec 2015 I've had good experience with Powell's so far. I've sent them 3 books and they paid me the full quote for all of them. They seem to accept books that other sites don't too so that's a plus.
Dec 2015 Powell's pays on time..when they pay. They have a bad habit of asking for books that they will reject...not based on condition. For example, they ask for Reader's Digest 'The World's Best Reading' books, but then won't pay for them, because they are 'book club'. The problem is, they do NOT share their ISBNs, therefore, Powell's is simply getting great quality books for free. When book club books and regularly published books share an ISBN, they have some excuse. In this case, however, there is none.
Nov 2015 Sent in 2 orders over a month ago, yet neither has been received even though UPS confirmed the packages had been delivered and signed. Contacted customer service several times and they told me to wait, wait, and wait...until their buyers find my packages and open them.
Very slow processing and very disappointing customer service. Never sell to Powell's again!
Nov 2015 Powell's has been a consistent Buyer of mine for the past 7 years or so.
While they are very strict on quality, they buy a lot of books other vendors won't touch.
I was glad to see them switch to UPS shipping, makes the whole process a lot faster.
Strangely, they seem to have stopped buying - I generally ship 1-3 boxes to them daily. Not 1 book sold in almost 2 weeks, and their site seems broken.
Nov 2015 What's Up? Their price quote does not show up on book scouter even though they are taking the book and their website is not working. Is something going on with Powells
Nov 2015 I have been trying to use bookscouter in conjunction with powell's books. I am a loyal customer who loves to sell back my books here (that are in LIKE NEW condition). However recently, bookscouter is unable to find any quotes from powell's,. When I search on their site directly, there are offers, but bookscouter still says $0. (
Oct 2015 I have been dealing with Powell's for some time and find them very efficient. They may take some time in processing them once received but they pay the quoted price as long as you don't try to slip something by them! Just follow their description of what they will buy.
Oct 2015 Sent 2 different orders in September. It has been 4-5 weeks and Powell's claims they have not received the books. Do not sell your books to Powell's. You will never be paid.
Oct 2015 Only send in items you are willing to NOT GET PAID FOR! I sent to 6 or 7 different vendors and Powells is my least favorite but I still send in 4-6 packages a month. If another site is paying less for the book I sometimes will send to that one because "some money is better than no money". Frustrations with Powells. 1) Quote does not show individual prices for what they will accept. 2) Quote history does not show total $ to be paid. 3) No tracking number associated with your quote is in history. 4) Very liberal to "deem" books too poor or to be book clubs and not get paid. 5) Earlier this year average time to get your money was 11-18 days, currently it is about 24 days or even a bit more.
Sep 2015 they buy alot of books that others don't which i think is excellent and i am very happy with that however i have sent in 9 boxes of books since august 28th and have not recieved payment for any of them. They have all been delivered but powell's website is not updated and still says not recieved.
Sep 2015 Don't expect them to process the buybacks overnight. It does take time to process books. I should say one book they rejected was brand new but it's possible it was damaged during shipment. Those are the risks.
At any rate, they did buy almost all of the books I submitted and, roughly a month later, the funds showed up in my account. And it was very close to the amount initially quoted.
Almost all the books I sold were in very good condition. I kept very good care of them.
My experience with Powell's, now as a seller and also as a buyer, has been very professional and I do appreciate that.
Aug 2015 I have sent three shipments of books. I have not received payment. I sent an email and got the same response that the books are in warehouse and should receive payment when they are unpacked. The website has not been updated since the books have been shipped. I am very disappointed in the company's way of dealing with buying used books. I hope it improves, if not i will have to sell my used books elsewhere.
Aug 2015 UPS delivered my books to Powell's 11 days ago and the Powell's web site is still showing them as unreceived. I called Powell's to find out what happened to my books and the guy on the phone told me that they were probably in the warehouse and would be processed any day now. I should have checked the feedback before sending them off. :-(
Aug 2015 I have sent multiple orders to a few vendors, Powells among them. The turn around time for receiving payment is truly abysmal. I have sent out 4 boxes to another vendor and 4 boxes to Powells. In the four weeks since that time, I've been paid for 3 of the 4 to the one vendor and only 1 from Powells. But at least they did pay for that one....so far.
Aug 2015 Terrible online sell book-powell's. Shipped 9 books on July 9,15 and
5 books on July 18. They never mention they received the books. No money received and it's 22 days past.
Don't sell books to Powell since it just like you throw the books to the sea.
Jun 2015 Too slightly longer than other vendors but received payment for all my books less than 2 weeks from the day I shipped, which is still very good. Powell's will only accept unmarked books but they often take books that others don't, so keep these things in mind.