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Sell college textbooks to our text book buyback because payment is fast and the shipping is free. We begin processing your textbook shipment the same day it arrives, so that payment is issued quickly. The shipping is free because our printable prepaid label pays for postage and insurance, allowing you to sell textbooks without out-of-pocket expense. Our textbook buyback buys new and used college textbooks, lab manuals, and study guides from instructors, students, and faculty. Independent bookbuyers are also welcome to sell books to our buyback.

49 East Weile Ave
Spokane Washington 99208-6537

Website: http://www.booksintocash.com
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Jul 2015 Good company. Some of my early packages were delivered to them late due to post office error, but the owner sent me a very nice letter and a check for the full amount of the quoted buyback price telling me that although the time for the buyback quotes had elapsed, he did not feel I should be penalized for the post office's mistake. Don't be afraid to contact these guys if you have any questions or concerns -- they have excellent customer service and very good communication!