Frequently Asked Questions

What does this site do?

There are many sites that buy used textbooks. The prices that these site offer vary widely though. In some cases, one site may buy a book one or two dollars when another site might offer $20.00. Obviously, it is worth looking around to make sure that you are getting the most money for your used books. makes this proess easy by quickly searching all of those sites for you. Our technology submits the ISBN to each of the sites, just like you would. It then displays the prices from all of those sites so you can see the range of offers and decide who you want to sell it to.

How do I find the ISBN number on my book?

Image of an ISBN

The ISBN number is a 10 or 13 digit number usually displayed above or below a barcode. It is usually found on the front or back cover of a book, or sometimes on one of the first few pages. The ISBN number may have one or more hyphens, and it may end in an X

Most books published since the early 1970's have an ISBN. They may be found in the first or last few pages of the book, or on the front or back cover. Older books may not have a barcode.

What is a preferred merchant?

Preferred merchants are those that we believe to be reliable and reputable. We have personally shipped books to them and have had a good experience. Additionally, we generally have a contact at the company who we work with and who may be able to assist in case there are any problems

What if my book doesn't have an ISBN?

First of all, double-check that there is no ISBN on the front or back cover, or in the first or last few page of the book. Older books may have just the ISBN listed without a barcode. If your book was published prior to 1970, then it may not have an ISBN, and this site won't be useful for determining who is buying it. In these cases, I'd recommend finding a local bookstore where you can rely on the knowledge of experts. If you believe that your book may have some relatively high value, you could try looking for similar copies on eBay or

How do I sell rare, collectible, or antique books?

BookScouter is not very useful for selling rare, collectible, or antique books. These books usually don't have an ISBN, so don't have any good way to determine their pricing. AbeBooks and Powell's Books both deal with these books. Additionally, you might consider finding an ABAA (Antiquarian Booksellers' Association of America) Seller near you so you can visit somebody knowledgeable about such books and speak with them in person.

How do ratings work?

Anybody can leave feedback on this site to let others know of their experience with a vendor. If you have sold any books to any of these vendors, please leave feedback (good or bad) so that others know what to expect. An average of all of the ratings for a site is displayed using a 5-star system on many of the pages

I found a site that you aren't searching yet

Please let me know about it. The goal of this site is to be a comprehensive listing of all book buying sites.

I've got an idea that goes along with this site

I'd be interested in hearing about your ideas. Please fill out this quick form to let me know what you are thinking about.

Do you have a mobile version of the site?

iPhone users can use the BookScouter iPhone App available in the App Store. Users of other mobile products can use a greatly simplified version of the site available at