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GotBooksGetCash has been buying and selling books online since 2007.

Email support@gotbooksgetcash.com for support or questions regarding your order.

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Dec 2016 I leave this buyback company a 4 star+++ only because I used them for only nearly 6 months now. They are (so far) reliable, prompt payment and honest. I hope to see this company more. As of 12/30/16, no negatives yet.
Oct 2016 I've sent a couple of orders to them and had problems come up. One order they "forgot" to email me until a month later that the item had been rejected. Another order, they got "confused" about the payment and I had to follow up twice to get them to complete the order.
Aug 2016 Paid via Paypal in 5 days after they received the book. Free USPS media mail label. Good buyback company overall.
Jul 2016 While they offered a substantially better price on one of my books, their site kept giving me an error message trying to print the shipping label. Usually not a big deal, but their website has absolutely no information on where they are located or a contact us button. Ridiculous!
Jul 2016 Fast payment!