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Jun 2017 I sold my books to CollegeFocus for first time and satisfied with their service.
Jun 2017 Extremely disappointed with this service. I was quoted around $87 for a book, sent it in, and a month later had received no response and no check. I contacted customer service only to be informed that my book had been "rejected" and "destroyed" and no payment would be issued. I understand they reserve the right to judge the quality of the book when they receive it, however, I wasn't informed about the status of my book for a month and then they just destroyed the book. I could have sold it to someone else. I understand that I agreed to the book being destroyed because that clause was buried in the fine print of the seller agreement, but this just seems like really poor customer service. I will not be selling to CollegeFocus again.
Jun 2017 Their payment service is really quick.Very happy to use this company.
Jun 2017 It was very quick and easy process with PayPal payment.
Jun 2017 It was my first time selling books online, but good customer service answering all my questions, and super prices compared to my bookstore.
Jun 2017 Very much satisfied and pleased with their service.
Jun 2017 My original feedback: "Quoted me at $63.18 for a book, and when I sent it in they told me that price was an error and that I'm getting $10.00 instead. Definitely will never do business with them again."

Their response: "Hi Steven, Immediately leaving negative feedback before contacting us isn't the best course of action. And why you thought $63.18 was the price you were going to get for a book that costs less new is interesting. We are sorry we aren't 100% on the millions of ISBNs (books) that we try and buy - mistakes do occasionally happen. So if you aren't happy with the new amount we can send back your book - just contact us at "help@collegefocus.com"."

Somewhat shocked that a company would imply that I'm at fault for being unhappy about their own pricing error. I stand by my original review even more firmly now.
Jun 2017 Excellent service. Will use them again for sure.
Jun 2017 Great prices, good customer service, will use again.
Jun 2017 Easy to use website and funny video explaining process - great prices.
Jun 2017 CollegeFocus offered me best price for my books. Happy with their service.
May 2017 Very slow to process payment. They received my books on 5/22 (per USPS tracking) and they listed in my account that they received them on 5/30(yesterday). I emailed them last week regarding this matter and have yet to receive a response. This us the first and last time I will use them. I'll stick to Bookbyte or Valore, never had any issues with them!!
May 2017 Smooth process with quick payment through Paypal.
May 2017 Their customer service is great - I accidentally included another book and paid be top price for that one too :)
May 2017 My USPS tracking says that my books were delivered three days ago, but I haven't received any notification from the company saying that they have it, and my order still says that I need to print the shipping label. I've attempted to email them two times with no response (I just tried again). I also tried calling them since they said to if I had any questions. The call is just a message saying that I can check my order status online or email them, and then it hangs up on me.
May 2017 Fast payment, good customer service, and awesome prices - love these guys.
May 2017 I have been using them the last six months and very happy with their prices.
May 2017 It was my fourth dealing with CollegeFocus and I am very pleased and satisfied with the service.
May 2017 I sent in a perfect book and was quoted 49.27. I receive a reply saying there was water damage to this book. There was NO WATER DAMAGED TO THIS BOOK AT ALL. NO DAMAGE AT ALL. When I said I want the book back, I was informed the book was destroyed. No this book was stolen from me and someone pocketed the money that was due to me. What does your company do, destroy any evidence. This is a scam place and I will make sure everyone on the internet will no this. Thanks for stealing
May 2017 CollegeFocus is a great company with top prices for books.
May 2017 Sent books
They received the books
Months later and still no check
May 2017 Superb service! Quick payment through Paypal.
May 2017 I don't ever do reviews, but this company is literally horrible and I'm pissed!! Shipped my book into them 2 months ago and still haven't receive payment. Emailed them and haven't heard back. Phone number provided on the website doesn't do anything except play you a recorded message.
May 2017 I have never used this company before but they were offering the most money for my textbook. So I sent them my book over 10 days ago and have heard nothing. If you call you will get a message that says to email them and then hangs up on you. I have emailed them and not heard back from them. I went to their social media page and left a message there as well but there has been no activity on that page in a few years. Seems like a scam to me. I suspect these 5 star reviews are fake.
May 2017 BE WARNED! - Take a look at the negative comments and you will see a pattern. My book tracking shows delivery and signature on March 16th, 2017 @ 9:55am. On April 5th, I contacted them the first time, I received this message, "Hmm, something weird happened with your order - it didn't advance as it should through our systems. We normally catch this at the end of quarter audit, but I just manually changed the status so you might have just received another email from us saying it was received. Payment should be issued within 2-5 business days. Regards, Tina. That was a month ago! I contacted them again and got this message: Check #27033 was mailed April 10th via USPS First Class - when you get your check is in the hands of the USPS at this point. Regards, Tina. That was three weeks ago, I've lived at the same address for 20 years and I never had to contact a company to resend a check. I think it is also very telling this company has their web page registration as private.
May 2017 I have been trying to sell this company my textbooks and their pages won't load. I can't print out my shipping labels and I have made sure that it isn't my connection. Their number is an audio recording telling you to email the company and check your account. Not professional at all! Not wanting to help customers what so ever. Will never try to sell books here again. They are a scam.
May 2017 I sold my books to many companies but never had such a great experience like I have with CollegeFocus.
May 2017 I will never use this company again. First, said my book did not, "go through the system as usual" and that my check would be on the way. Gave me a date check would mail. Waited two weeks to contact again. Given another date check was mailed. Still have not received check six weeks after tracking says book was delivered to them. Still fighting with them.
May 2017 Usually the best price for books they are buying and no hassle payment.
Apr 2017 It was a very easy process as I got my payment through Paypal quickly.
Apr 2017 I got $20 more than other buyback companies - great service.
Apr 2017 I have been selling books to CollegeFocus the last six months and happy with their service.
Apr 2017 Best part about them is that they pay good money, other than that it is a very slow process. Half a month after the tracking number showed my package arrived they marked that they received it. Another 15 days later and still not paid. Probably won't go through them again.
Apr 2017 ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE i have been waiting 4 months to be paid, they claimed to have lost the book then found it then "paid me" but its been 3 months since then and ive received nothing!! they wont answer emails and dont have a phone number to talk to real people, their company number is a recording that then hangs up. Worst business ever
Apr 2017 Takes approx a month to get paid. Each time I've had to contact them to inquire what was going on with my orders.
Apr 2017 They always forget to pay you until you remind them.
Mar 2017 Great experience with CollegeFocus - very satisfied with their service.
Mar 2017 Sold a book last year they never paid me for. Gave them another shot. Tracking shows they received my book 21 days ago but they have no record of it yet. Wondering if selling to this company is really worth it if you never receive an email or your money.
Mar 2017 I've had great experience with CollegeFocus.I have sold 5 books to them and they paid a good amount for them. I will definitely recommend them to others.
Mar 2017 Count me as one of the 'never again' customers. This company has several hundred $$'s of my books, and has not paid in a month. I did reach out to them and was told my (first) shipment was processing and I would be paid in 2 to 4 days. It's a week later and still no payment. Tread carefully with this company.
Mar 2017 Quick service,they keep you updated throughout the process.
Mar 2017 Fast and friendly service. Got my check and ready for Spring Break.
Mar 2017 Excellent service. I'd use this company again.
Mar 2017 Was cheated out of $144. Never received payment for books sent. No reply to emails and "Customer Service" phone number plays you a useless recorded message with no chance to talk to a person. Never Again!
Mar 2017 Good communication throughout the entire process and paid promptly.
Mar 2017 I had a little difficulty but impressed with their customer service. Will use CollegeFocus again.
Feb 2017 Awesome experience with CollegeFocus. I’ve had some bad experiences in the past, but was quick and easy with these guys - no hassle.
Feb 2017 Great Prices, I have sold over hundered books and each time got good price
Feb 2017 Great Service, Exactly paid what they promise
Feb 2017 Probably sold over ten thousand to these guys - great company. Will definitely continue using them.
Feb 2017 I submitted a 1-star review previously, as I was convinced that they stole my books. Well, apparently after they performed an audit they located the two books I sent them, and finally paid me the quoted amounts. One of the books was delivered to them (based on USPS tracking) three months ago, the other just under one month. That's an awfully long time to wonder and wait, and they weren't able to provide any information about the books during that period of time beyond "we don't know." They often offer considerably more money than other sites, but the long wait certainly isn't worth it. Hopefully they can get their act together.
Feb 2017 Paid what they promised.
Feb 2017 Answered all my condition questions beforehand, paid top dollar. Happy to do business with them in the future.
Feb 2017 They paid for shipping, helpful communication and paid promptly.
Feb 2017 First time selling back a textbook online - way more cash than my bookstore, pretty simple process.
Feb 2017 Very responsive customer support, great prices, love these guys.
Feb 2017 Very happy with my experience - good prices and quick payment.
Feb 2017 Great buyback service with nice prices.
Feb 2017 Paid exactly what they quoted which was much higher than other companies. Will use again in the future.
Feb 2017 I've sold to CollegeFocus three times now without issue, becoming one of my regular buyback companies.
Feb 2017 Will sell more books to these guys in the future - great prices.
Dec 2016 I have sold hundreds of books using bookscouter.com and decided to give CollegeFocus a try since they seem to have pretty competitive buyback prices for most books. I was impressed with the quick and efficient service. I got email notification that I received payment via PayPal within 4 days of shipping the book. I will use them more frequently now and recommend others using them as well.
Dec 2016 Everything was fast and smooth. Perfect experience!
Nov 2016 CollegeFocus is amazing. The UPS store sent the laptop I was selling instead of my books. CollegeFocus contacted me immediately to straighten things out. I never got my books back from the other company, but I did get my $700 laptop back from CollegeFocus. I will definitely use them again in the future!
Oct 2016 Tried CollegeFocus and they stole my book. I sent the book (E-commerce 2015 by Kenneth C. Laudon) to them and I received confirmation by email from them that they received my order and was sent payment. Except that I was never sent any payment.

I contacted customer service and they claimed that my box "broke open during shipment on two sides and arrived empty. Taped with only one piece of tape".

I knew this to be untrue because I ship items very frequently (online business) and would not make such a careless mistake and didn't.

The box I used could not possibly break open on two sides unless intentionally broken by someone because it only opens from one side.

They provided no evidence to support that claim when asked and became belligerent after some time and even started to ignore my emails altogether. Very rude and unprofessional. I offer warning for those considering CollegeFocus.
Oct 2016 Decided to try CollegeFocus out and it was well worth it. They paid very quickly. I had a minor issue and their customer service is outstanding. I will definitely sell to them again.
Sep 2016 i decided to take a chance with collegefocus, seeing as they are new i thought they probably wouldn't want to mess anything up.
my experience with them was normal. Everything went the way it should and I got paid in about a week.
May 2016 Easy to work with, great company. I was apprehensive because they're new to BookScouter but I'm glad I used them. Their prices are great and everything was very fast and efficient.