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Dec 2016 I have sold hundreds of books using bookscouter.com and decided to give CollegeFocus a try since they seem to have pretty competitive buyback prices for most books. I was impressed with the quick and efficient service. I got email notification that I received payment via PayPal within 4 days of shipping the book. I will use them more frequently now and recommend others using them as well.
Dec 2016 Everything was fast and smooth. Perfect experience!
Nov 2016 CollegeFocus is amazing. The UPS store sent the laptop I was selling instead of my books. CollegeFocus contacted me immediately to straighten things out. I never got my books back from the other company, but I did get my $700 laptop back from CollegeFocus. I will definitely use them again in the future!
Oct 2016 Tried CollegeFocus and they stole my book. I sent the book (E-commerce 2015 by Kenneth C. Laudon) to them and I received confirmation by email from them that they received my order and was sent payment. Except that I was never sent any payment.

I contacted customer service and they claimed that my box "broke open during shipment on two sides and arrived empty. Taped with only one piece of tape".

I knew this to be untrue because I ship items very frequently (online business) and would not make such a careless mistake and didn't.

The box I used could not possibly break open on two sides unless intentionally broken by someone because it only opens from one side.

They provided no evidence to support that claim when asked and became belligerent after some time and even started to ignore my emails altogether. Very rude and unprofessional. I offer warning for those considering CollegeFocus.
Oct 2016 Decided to try CollegeFocus out and it was well worth it. They paid very quickly. I had a minor issue and their customer service is outstanding. I will definitely sell to them again.
Sep 2016 i decided to take a chance with collegefocus, seeing as they are new i thought they probably wouldn't want to mess anything up.
my experience with them was normal. Everything went the way it should and I got paid in about a week.
May 2016 Easy to work with, great company. I was apprehensive because they're new to BookScouter but I'm glad I used them. Their prices are great and everything was very fast and efficient.