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Textbookrecycling.com has been buying and selling new and used textbooks since 1997. Our prices are always competitive, our processing times are some of the best in the business and we pay even faster. We accept a wide range of books, including instructor's editions, always giving you top dollar for your books.

Connect with us at: customerservice@textbookrecycling.com

Physical Address
630 N. Almon St. Suite 140
Moscow, ID 83843

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May 2017 No hassles dealing with them.
May 2017 Paid fast and were the only company buying 2 of the 4 books I was selling. No problems.
May 2017 I have been very satisfied with the service. I just recently discovered it and I'm so glad that I have. I'm able to get a quote and send off my books in time. I've been paid what I have been quoted so far. And PayPal payment is usually received within 1 business day. Will be using this service from now on.
Apr 2017 Have really been satisfied with TextbookRecycling since I first used them to sell our books back to. Have shipped books 3 times now. Just waiting on the check from the last shipment. Thanks!!
Apr 2017 I decided to sell TextbookRecycling 5 books. I sent all 5 books in one package, per the company's instructions. Ultimately, the company told me that they only received 2 out of the 5 books. They also claimed that the package arrived undamaged, such that they could not account for the remaining 3 books. However, it would be impossible for them to only receive some of the books in an undamaged package, as all books were sent in the same package. I'm not sure if the company is incompetent or fraudulent in its processing. Either way, I will never be paid for 3 of my textbooks, nor will I ever see them again.

The customer service experience was extremely poor. They were slow to respond and ultimately would fail to accept responsibility for the 3 unaccounted for books.
Mar 2017 Very happy with my recent transaction. Good communication and payment was quick and simple.
Mar 2017 One of the few companies that will take buybacks from Canada. No problems ever. Highly recommend!
Mar 2017 I have shipped many new books to textbookrecycling and once they receive it, they claim they are used books and I get paid the price of used books. They claim my books were used and that a few were damaged. I tried to get their number but was not able to find. I email them and ask if they could call me but they said they only communicate through email. Anyway, please do not sale new books to this company unless they are in shrink wrap because they will win, they will pay you the price of a used book. they always have an excuse but i am sure they sale it as new. If you sale them new books, you will see.
Mar 2017 Great buyback company! Highly recommend.
Mar 2017 I've used TextbookRecycling a few times. They always pay quickly and always pay what they promised. Will continue to use them.
Mar 2017 Sent them a book on March 3 - paid on March 9 exactly as quoted. No problems.
Feb 2017 Don't ever sell your textbooks here. I sent them $58 worth of textbooks and they're only giving me $2, saying that my books had writing in them and one of them was water damaged. I shipped my textbooks in pristine condition meaning there was no way there could have been damages, and what textbook doesn't have writing in them? I received a textbook with all the answers to all the questions written into the textbook and I paid pull price for it.

Don't EVER sell to them unless you want them to pay you a dollar for every book that they deem as "acceptable"!
Feb 2017 I sold three textbooks back to textbook recycling, didn't get a whole lot back (but they're a buy back site I wasn't expecting much I don't grudge them that). They quoted me about $73, but when I got their email that they processed it it only said $60 so I looked at it and they were claiming that one of the books I sent (that was almost brand new because I had ended up not taking the class it was for) had water damage and they wouldn't give me one cent. And then they said they could either keep it for free or I could have it mailed back to myself at my own expense which would cost me more than I would ever make trying to sell it. So they got a free brand new textbook to sell and cheated me out of it. Their email said 5-10 business days to get my check and it was almost two weeks before I finally got it. I will NEVER use this site again and I'm going to make sure my friends don't either.
Jan 2017 Very happy. I shipped on a Tuesday and was paid as quoted on Thursday of the next week. I would use their site again.
Jan 2017 Would never use this service again. Although they acknowledge receiving my order for sale, they only credited me for 4 of the 11 books contained in the order. No apologizes - no explanations. STAY AWAY!!!!
TextbookRecycling Response: Unfortunately we are only able to pay for items that we receive to our facility. Your order only had one valid tracking number and the 4 books paid for were the items that we received in our warehouse. If the additional items are received, we will be happy to pay for those books.
Jan 2017 We have found TextbookRecycling to be very honest, and with good business practices. We sent in textbook that were later drop in buyback price, of over 90% across from every buyback buyers. Yet, they still honor their prices.
Dec 2016 I recently sent some books to this company and overall I am pretty satisfied. I sent the books on the 17th of December and they didn't process my order until December 30th. This is why I only rated them 4 stars because it took in my opinion a long time to process. Other people haven't had this problem but it is my only complaint. I understand the Christmas holiday but still I guess I was a bit impatient. I shipped to Amazon the same day I shipped to textbook recycling and Amazon only took a week. I called the customer service number and the lady was really nice. But I will say once they processed my order they did pay me the same day so kudos to them for that. I will be sending them books every semester as long as I am in school lords will!
Dec 2016 I've sent them several buyback orders and have had nothing but good experiences. Usually one of the higher paying of the buyback sites and one of the most trusted.
Oct 2016 Sent in 5 books. They rejected one for water damage but paid out all the rest as quoted. Still one of the easiest buyback companies to do business with.
Oct 2016 Got paid in one day via PayPal. Absolutely no complaints, easy.
Oct 2016 sold them book twice, never had any regrets.
Oct 2016 This company used to be one the best. Over the last 3-4 months however, they routinely do not pay out the full amounts promised in their quotes. Out of my last 12 buybacks, they have paid the full quoted amount TWO times. Don't sell to these people, its not worth it. Students - take your business to one of the better buyback sites.
TextbookRecycling Response: Thank you for the feedback. Nothing has changed in the last 3 to 4 months with regards to our terms and conditions. We continue to pay out the full amount promised when our terms and conditions are followed. With regards to your latest buyback you had asked for a quote for 3 books with a total value of $96. You sent 1 book with a total value of $31. Our minimum buyback value to qualify for free shipping is $50. This is a policy you are aware of and agreed to when you accepted our terms and conditions.
Aug 2016 Sold them 6 textbooks on 08/12/16. Good customer service. Fast payment. Honest business. Got paid exactly according to quote, no issues!
Aug 2016 I have used them a few times for buybacks and always had fast and efficient service. Paypal processed the payment within a day.
Aug 2016 Called textbook recycling and asked if the amazon sticker on the back would be a problem.....They said no......but when I sent it the book they said that it had cover damage....wasted $10 and a lot of time....I saw that they now quoted the book at a much lower price.......Im sure it had to do with that and not the amazon sticker
TextbookRecycling Response: The book had extreme cover damage. The sticker was not an issue. The book was returned to the customer. The cost of the free UPS shipping we provided to receive the book was approximately $13. It isn't in our best economic interest to reject a book unless it is unsellable due to condition or has been submitted under the wrong ISBN.
Jul 2016 horrible I was given a good quote and after my book arrived the company said there were " water stains" which the book was in good conditions when i sent it. I am never using this company again
TextbookRecycling Response: We received your book with water damage. We put the book on 72 hour hold and gave you the option to have it returned, which you declined. We grade our books based on industry standards and unfortunately water or moisture damage isn't acceptable. We also give our customers the opportunity to have damaged or unacceptable books returned.
Jun 2016 Help was immediate and effective! I knew that I messed up a lot of things, but was walked through in a way that didn't make me feel like I messed anything up. Awesome service. I want to sell more books just for the service.
May 2016 TextbookRecycling got the highest buy back, they got my 5star anyday any time
May 2016 They got humble customer services always taking time to help out. keep up the good works and God bless
May 2016 Sent out the book on 4/25 and it was received on 5/4 and payment was made the next day through paypal. I was wary from the bad reviews but I had zero problems and was actually faster than some other services I have used.
Apr 2016 They will try to keep your book without paying you for it. Do not use them.
TextbookRecycling Response: We received a copy of ISBN 9781285165929 from you that we were unable to authenticate as genuine. This ISBN is the most commonly counterfeited title we see. We refused the book as per our terms and conditions and returned it to you as requested. At no point did we attempt to keep the book.
Mar 2016 I recently sent some books in to this company because they promised a fair market price. The books were inspected by a professional book dealer of 10+ years prior to sending. When they arrived at textbookrecycling i was informed that they wouldn't pay me for my book because it was "water stained" now if a 10 year bookstore professional can't get paid what makes you think a lowly student is going to have any chance getting their money from these scammers??? P.S. this has happened on more than 1 occasion and we very rarely use this company because of their shady background. They will steal your books and they won't pay you.
TextbookRecycling Response: Greetings,

I regret that you were unhappy with the order in which you are referring. I have reviewed this order and previous orders you have completed with our company, and discussed them with two individuals who are familiar with your orders. For this order which included 2 books, you were paid the full quoted amount for the 1st, and the 2nd book had water staining on one page. Unfortunately it was significant enough that we could not resell it. I can see how it could have been overlooked by a person on your side as we sometimes miss these as well when receiving books on our end.

In reviewing your other last 9 orders, I see that for 8 orders you were paid the full quoted price. For the other order, pages were missing from the text. In the 2 orders that included damaged books, the books were sent back to you so that you could do with them as you see fit.

We have thousands of happy customers, many of which have returned many times. We do our very best to inform customers of our book condition guidelines and to work with them should there be problems with an order. However, we also have to work within our guidelines and those of other vendors we work with.
Mar 2016 (032198238X) Exactly what was asked for. Rejected, had to pay $10 for return for $4 media mail. Checked on return, exactly the book that was asked for.

(0199325464) Told it was an instructors edition. I know it was not. I asked for them to send it back. They kept it.
TextbookRecycling Response: We regret these transactions did not go as smoothly as we both would have liked. You are correct that the books you sent with ISBN 032198238X were exact matches for your quote. As we indicated in our emails to you, we could not verify the two books were authorized publisher's copies and returned them to you. The return charge helps defray some of the cost of shipping we pay to receive them books as well as the cost of processing and subsequently returning the books.

For ISBN 0199325464, there were stickers on the book that were affixed in such a way as to conceal the fact that the book was an instructor's edition. By email, you were given the option of having the book returned to you but we have no email record that you responded and requested the return. If you did so please forward that email to us and we can resolve.

Counterfeit books and relabeled instructor editions are the two biggest sources of frustration and disappointment for both buyers and sellers in the textbook market. We appreciate the chance to educate and inform on these issues whenever possible.
Mar 2016 I've done a great deal of business with Textbook Recycling. They have amazing customer service, great prices, and work quickly.
Jan 2016 I've used TextbookRecycling several times over the years and have had no issues. I even had an instructors edition of a text at one point and they were the only place who would buy it back. Payment is relatively fast and I'm grateful that they offer PayPal!
Jan 2016 Only giving a 4 because I have yet to receive payment. It's just going to Paypal so you would think a totally electronic payment would be quicker than cutting a check. They received the books on 1/11 and processed them for the price that they quoted so that is really good but 4 days later and my account still says Processed - Pending Payment.

I will say that they have the highest buyback prices that I have found and I use quite a few of the book buyback scanners to find ALL of the prices. They do get 5 stars for that but the pay could be a little quicker.
Nov 2015 Excellent customer service and very reliable. I've dealt with this company a bit over the last two years and they are always courteous, helpful, and consistent. I wish their prices offered were higher so I could use them for all of my buybacks. But I will continue to use them whenever possible.
Oct 2015 I Have Used This Company For A Couple Of Years Now. I Have Done Several Transactions And Have Never Had Any Problems. They Are The Quickest At Paying. Always The Amount I Was Quoted.
Oct 2015 Can't say enough good things about this company. Of all the online buyback companies, TextbookRecycling is the best in terms of customer service, fast payment, and consistent buyback processing without problems.
Oct 2015 I am confused with all the positive feedback. I really wonder if they are legit feedback. I had many issues with this buyer to purchase my books back in 2012 so I decided not to use them. So, now in Oct 2015, I thought I would give them one more chance. Heck, they were offering a nice price on one of my books I could sell myself on Amazon for $100+. With all the positive feedback, perhaps they had changed their stripes. Unfortunately, just like previously, they had an issue with my buyback. After I shipped, they cancelled my order for no reason and I am still waiting to hear back from them. Back in 2012, I had to fight with them to get my book back after they claimed a system issue with an erroneous buyback price. I will not use them again. Bit more than twice. I am not that stupid to try again.
Oct 2015 I live in Washington so Idaho is right next door. I usually have payments in my account within 4-5 days or less after shipment. Never had an issue! I highly recommend them. Make sure your books are in good condition and have all the CDs and access codes; if they don't come with them not don't send them! ( When ever I send book ALWAYS read the book sellers terms for condition requirement). I Have been shipping with them Since January 2015 and I probably made over 15 transactions via Paypal. So far its the fastest paying company I dealt with (maybe its because I live near by) but they always payed :)
Jul 2015 I have used this company several times within the past year. No "lost" books or other games not to pay you, as with some other companies.
Jun 2015 I have used this company three times and each time the quote has been more than everyone else and payment has been fast. The charity component is nice as well.

I will continue to use this company in the future.
Jun 2015 Great prices and turnaround time. The only negative is the fact that they give you a USPS label with no insurance or tracking on lower dollar amount buybacks.
Jun 2015 Service was great and with quick response and payment. Will use again!
Jun 2015 The payment was very fast and the level of communication was very good. Very positive experience