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CKY Books   


We are located in the beautiful horse country of Nicholasville, KY and have been operating online since 2004. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality service and convenience.

Customer Service: info@ckybooks.com or call 877-311-9544.

See our Book Condition Policy for questions about what book types and conditions we accept.

Website: http://www.ckybooks.com/
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May 2017 Outstanding Transaction, 5 Stars in every aspect! Site is easy to use. Excellent customer service and very fast response to my inquiry by email. Superfast payment after items were received and inspected! Highly recommend CYK Books!
May 2017 Worked as it should. I sent books off to 6 vendors last Saturday (I work a friends of the library group). CKY was the first to let me know the check was in the mail.
May 2017 This was the first time I worked with CKY Books through BookScouter.com. Everything was easy - from the offer process to shipping to payment. I recommend them.
May 2017 Went smoothly. All is well.
May 2017 Smooth transaction (start to finish)! Books arrived.....checked in next business day...payment issued within a couple hours of check in. 5 Stars!!
May 2017 This is my first time doing this and I was not sure which company to use. Based on the reviews, I decided to use this company and I have not regretted. CKY books is the best one out there. You are notified when they receive the books and also when they pay you. You will definitely not regret.
May 2017 Fast paid shipping, same day review and payment issued! Email communication and updates were provided from start to finish. 5 stars!
Apr 2017 Thank you for a smooth and seamless transaction.
Apr 2017 very satisfied with this company buying my books
Apr 2017 From the time I sent in books to the time I got paid was about a week. Very fast process, no shipping fees, excellent communication and no waiting for a week or two from the time they receive the books to when you get paid. Sad to say I don't have any other books I can sell that they need right now.
Apr 2017 What a marvelous experience I had with CKY Books. I added the books they'd purchase to my cart; I received my shipping label, packaged my books and took them to FedEx; I received email confirmation when the package arrived & when the books were being processed. Then, I received email notice that my payment had been made. All of this in 4 days! Wow!
Apr 2017 excellent will be dealing with them again.
Apr 2017 Fastest turnaround from when I shipped the books to you receiving them, inspecting them and then sending a check. Thank you so much. Can't wait to receive the check.
Apr 2017 Super fast shipping, processing and payment. Great vendor.
Apr 2017 Have had two buy-back transactions with CKY, both stellar experiences. They keep you notified every step of the way, and are fast, fast, fast!
Mar 2017 Simple, easy and quick! I was super impressed!
Mar 2017 Wow! So impressed by the speed of service. Thanks CKY Books!
Mar 2017 I was shocked at how quickly I received the payment for my book. It only took 5 days from the day I shipped my books.
Mar 2017 Great buy back offers and fast payment. What they offered is exactly what I received. Very pleased with this transaction!
Mar 2017 Excellent service. I'd use this company again.
Mar 2017 Fast and friendly service. Prompt payment which was much appreciated!
Mar 2017 I have used CKY several times and have always received payment within a week. I am very pleased with their service, and will continue to do business with them.
Mar 2017 CKY Books provides great service! They gave reasonable prices for books, provided free shipping, and were prompt in giving feedback on how the review process was going. They stuck to the prices that they quoted me on initially and from the moment they received the books, it took them a day to process everything until the point of payment. Will definitely use them again.
Feb 2017 Great website. Everything was fast and it's very easy to use website
Feb 2017 No hassle at all! It was a quick and easy shipment and they are getting back to me with my payment method as soon as possible! I would highly recommend to friends because the payment for the book I sold here had the highest slur out of all the sites I looked at.
Feb 2017 I absolutely love working with CKY Books. They pay top dollar and very fast shipping and payment. I will continue selling my books to CKY Books.
Feb 2017 This is an awesome company and I will definitely do business with them again. Service was prompt and the site is easy to use.
Feb 2017 Very fast, and keeps you notified throughout the process.
Feb 2017 AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE! Got a quote instantly which gave me the most for my book. I printed a shipping label (provided by them for free), dropped it off, and had the full amount sent to my paypal within 2 days. Definitely doing all my business with CKY from now on!
Feb 2017 quick and accurate payment
Feb 2017 Great service easy shipping and fast service
Jan 2017 This is the first time I've done this and it was so easy and I'd recommend this site.
Jan 2017 My first experience with this company was very wonderful. They were very prompt and kept me well informed during the process!!
Jan 2017 Super fast check-in and payment!
Jan 2017 They updated me every step of their process and sent payment promptly and without fuss, I wish every buy back service were so thorough.
Jan 2017 I had a great experience selling my book to them! I got paid quickly and the exact amount they quoted me!
Jan 2017 One of the best companies around. I'm very happy with them!
Jan 2017 Easy, friendly service! Was able to download shipping information easily, and recieved payment within 10 days! Would definitely go through them again!
Jan 2017 Paid as agreed and FAST! Shipped book out and 7 days later it had been received, processed and paid to my paypal. Excellent communication by email. Would use them again happily!
Jan 2017 I sold my kids' high school and college books to 3 different buy back companies, and CKY was first to respond that they had received my books and that payment was sent. Great fast service, but does require a min $20 in buy backs.
Jan 2017 CKY Books did an excellent job after they received the books I sent them. I mailed books to four other companies around the same time and CKY Books have out done them all. Thanks CKY Books you all ROCK!!!
Jan 2017 Fair offer. Quick processing. No games. Easy transaction.
Jan 2017 The service was quick! I printed off my free shipping label and packaging inventory and drove to Fed Ex. Within days all of my money was deposited in my Pay Pal account.
I chose this service over others because of their positive feedback. There was another buy back company that offered just a bit more, however, their customer's reviews were saying they were not being paid what they promised.
Jan 2017 Each aspect of the buyback process through CKY Books was quick, easy, and efficient. Thanks, CKY, for top-of-the-line service.
Jan 2017 Great experience with selling over 100 books on cassette. Extremely fast processing of a rather large order (100+)
Dec 2016 Great company for buybacks. Fast processing and payment. Shipped from MD on tuesday got paid on friday.
Dec 2016 Always Fast payment, Offer top prices for the books they want. A consistant Great Experience.
Dec 2016 Quick and easy. Swift processing and payment. Would recommend and will use again.
Dec 2016 Efficient process and communication. Thank you.
Dec 2016 This is fast and easy - great way to clean clutter and make some extra cash.
Dec 2016 great experience!
Nov 2016 Top notch and easy. Thanks.
Nov 2016 Excellent and honest service!! Easy to use and I highly recommend them!!
Nov 2016 Absolutely love the ease of doing business with CKY! While I am sure I could have sold the books individually, it was just so much easier to do it this way! I entered and shipped the same day and got the payment I was originally quoted! Thank you!
Oct 2016 This could not have been more simple. Great service! Thanks!
Oct 2016 Amazing service. Super quick turnaround, great communication with customers—definitely my favorite company.
Oct 2016 Very quick and efficient. Definitely paid more than my own college for the books. Even if it's not a lot, it's definitely great help! Thanks! Will do again any time I get the chance!!
Oct 2016 fast, easy, no hassle. Had a great experience and like the conformation emails
Sep 2016 Quick and simple way to sell your books. Highly recommended.
Sep 2016 Very satisfied customer. My overall experience was uncomplicated, quick and easy.
Sep 2016 This was a great way to grab some extra cash, and very easy and efficient, with fast processing.
Sep 2016 Everything was pretty simple and fast! The only thing I thought could use improvement is removing books from the list.
Sep 2016 This was a great and easy way to sell textbooks. The process was efficient and payment was received promptly!
Sep 2016 Excellent service! Quick and professional. Would recommend to others
Sep 2016 Super easy process. They confirmed my order with amount agreed. I printed out free media mail postage to attach to the box I put my books in.

I received an email saying they received my order followed immediately by another email saying that they inspected my order.

The next day, I got an email from paypal saying that CKY had sent me the agreed upon amount and an email from CKY saying that the payment was issued. Then I spent all the money.
Sep 2016 CKY books made the best offer on my books. *Super* quick processing and payment, and paid exactly what was offered. A perfect transaction. I'll use them again for sure.
Sep 2016 Received payment in a short amount of time; site was easy to use, and I encountered no problems.
Would use again
Sep 2016 Easy to work with and fast service. Thanks!
Sep 2016 Easy site to use.
Sep 2016 I highly recommend this Book Depo. They paid me in a timely fashion and assisted me with any questions I had.
Sep 2016 Great customer service!
Sep 2016 I love CKY Books! When I tried selling books to a different company, I was only going to get $7. I got $60 back from CKY and it was a very simple and quick process. They kept me updated on the process the whole time too, which I liked. I will definitely be selling books to them again!
Sep 2016 Great company! I was very disappointed when my book was not approved because it didn't have a back cover but I contacted the company and they were awesome and willing to work with me by going out of their way to find me a back cover and buy it back! I'm truly impressed at how customer oriented this company is. College books are expensive and usually I can't sell them back so I was up in arms about it because I had bought the book online originally and I didn't even recall it had a back cover. Most companies would not care or give it a second thought but they really went out of their way to get a back cover and buy the book back. Really great company I cannot emphasize that enough, they have earned repeat service from me.
Sep 2016 Very good service.
Aug 2016 Great response and flexibility.
Aug 2016 Excellent communication! Paid within a week of shipment and as quoted.
Aug 2016 The site was easy to use. I sold my book and received money back with in a week.
Aug 2016 Great service - processed my books quickly and received payment within a few days. Would definitely use again.
Aug 2016 Straightforward, easy and fast. Would definitely recommend and use again.
Aug 2016 Great, fast service! Very satisfied!
Aug 2016 Very pleased with my transaction with CKY! Shipping was fast; payment was faster; service was excellent! Flawless experience from start to end. Highly recommended!
Aug 2016 GREAT!!!!! Payment doesn't get any faster than this.
Aug 2016 Great transaction with a very fair price.
Quick payment.
Aug 2016 Fast processing time & fair prices!
Aug 2016 Fast service. We still get paid some money on less than perfect items.
Aug 2016 Smooth, easy and quick payment - who could ask for more?
Jul 2016 Easy. Quick. Good communication..
Jul 2016 CKY Books are great!! Highly recommended !!
Jul 2016 Prompt and efficient service--and they are very kind---it feels like you are doing business with a friend! Thanks CKY!
Jul 2016 I have used other sell back companies over the years, and most of them have failed to follow through. They would either keep the books and use a lame excuse for doing so (unethical business practices) or they would fail to offer the amount promised. CKY Books restored my faith in the sell back process as they gave me what they promised, and the process was quick and painless. I will definitely use them for the duration I am in grad school...you guys have 3 more years to do business with me. Thank you.
Jun 2016 Courteous...professional....and FAST! I can't wait to do more business with this great service.
Jun 2016 The site was easy to use. I received a prepaid label and instructions for packing. I dropped it off at a UPS store, and then waited for the check. I am happy with my experience.
May 2016 Awesome service. They stand by their word unlike most text book companies on the web. Will use again.
May 2016 Amazingly fast service. I was surprised how easy it was
May 2016 Very quick and efficient. We're very helpful and answered any questions clearly and quickly
May 2016 My books were received quickly, processed fast and the payment was sent promptly! Very happy with their service!!!
May 2016 Super fast. Super reliable. Highly recommend
May 2016 Super fast. Super reliable. Highly recommend
May 2016 I love CKY Books! I have sent four orders to them in the past year, and they are prompt and easy to work with. The second time I used them I had trouble with getting the printing label, and since they had the same issue, they created a new order for me and the problem was solved within a day. If you read their condition guidelines, you shouldn't have any trouble. None of my books have been rejected.
May 2016 5/5 stars! I was expecting a hard time having my book sold with a company but you turned out to be the best one to sell it too! You were fast on issuing payment the same day you received my book which means no hassles and I like that. Definitely will use you again!
Apr 2016 Very quick payment.
Apr 2016 Excellent. Been using them for years and it always goes smoothly.
Apr 2016 Quick and easy transaction!
Apr 2016 I love the very quick turn around time!
Apr 2016 CKY is my favorite bookbuyer, by far. I get paid through PayPal in less than a week, everytime. THANK YOU, CKY BOOKS.
Mar 2016 Great to do business with!
Mar 2016 Excellent service. I'll definitely use CKY Books again.
Mar 2016 Top notch service; quick turnaround. I love, love, love dealing with this company.
Mar 2016 Good prices, low total amount when selling and fast payment.
Mar 2016 Omg you guys are really quick with the inspection and payment process faster than textbooksrush.Thanks so much will do more business soon!!!
Mar 2016 Perfect! They did exactly what they said. Process was quick and easy. Payment very fast.
Mar 2016 Instructions on how to send CKY books were very clear and payment was prompt. I would use this company again.
Mar 2016 Quick, ea$y and fa$t - best price for books and payment$.
Feb 2016 I sent my first order in, and within four days, received emails indicating package was delivered, inspected and check issued. I've already mailed them another shipment.
Feb 2016 I am very, very, very pleased with my experience with CKY books and i will definitely be doing business with this company in the future. Their site was super easy to use, they were SUPER fast with payments and they paid exactly as was quoted. I took my books to the post office on January 30, and by February 3rd i got an email saying they had received my books, they have completed inspections, and they have issued my payment. By February 8th my check was waiting in my mail box. I was surprised at the speed because i am not that close to Kentucky (where they are located) and the entire process took roughly 9 days. Overall a great experience. THANK YOU CKY :) 5 stars
Feb 2016 This was so easy!
Feb 2016 Can't get more straight forward and easy way to sell my books. Very fast payment and simple shipping.

Feb 2016 Very please with the experience, will use this site in the future .
Feb 2016 Great service! Extremely fast payment which I extremely appreciate. Thanks! Prince
Feb 2016 So incredibly fast and the easiest buyback process I've been through.
Feb 2016 CKY Books is the best in the business. I have never had any problems in selling my textbooks to them. They are always fast and process everything as soon as they get the shipment. I have spoken a couple of times with the managers about special circumstances and they are very reasonable too. 5/5 rating for sure.
Feb 2016 Easy to use and very fast service. I couldn't be happier with the process to sell back my books. The ENTIRE process took less than 5 days!
Jan 2016 Never doing business with them again. It's been over a week since cky has received my books and movies and still no word
CKY Books Response:
Hello again. As we have explained numerous times through emails, photos and MUCH correspondence, your check was returned to us by the post office due to:

"Insufficient Address"

You did not give us your complete mailing address.
When you leave your apartment number off, the post office is sometimes not sure where to find you.

It would be nice if BookScouter had a place to attach a photo link so vendors could use opportunities like this to help educate their users.

Jan 2016 Easy to use, fair price on most books. Printed a label, put it in a box, and had a payment 3 days later.
Jan 2016 No problems and quick processing.
Jan 2016 Awesome. So easy. No haggling.
Jan 2016 Super fast payment. Very easy to use.
Jan 2016 I've been selling to CKY for a couple of years now, and they really are absolutely top notch. My books were processed with hours of delivery. And I got emails for both delivery notification, processing notification, and for getting paid. I sent out shipments to 5 different sellers, and they were hands down the fasted of any of them, with perfectly decent payout to boot.
Jan 2016 First time user. Will do again.
Jan 2016 I have been selling books to CKY for almost 3 years and there is never a problem. I will continue to do business with them.
Highly recommended.
Jan 2016 Great service. Transaction was very smooth and timely.
Jan 2016 I was wary because CKY offered the best price but I received a check for the exact amount offered online, less than a week after I mailed the book. Super pleased with how easy this is.
Jan 2016 Fast and efficient. Mailed book on Monday, money in my account on Thursday!
Jan 2016 CKY.com is the best place to make a quick buck off of your no longer needed text books! I’ve sold numerous of my textbooks to them and I’ve NEVER had an issue. They’ve always offered me the best price for my books I would not look to sell anywhere else! The faculty was so efficient in making sure I got my money! There was never a communication issue; I was always receiving emails, when my book was received, when my book passed inspection, and even when my payment was mailed out! CKY has never disappointed me! I love them!
Jan 2016 I have consistently been happy with selling books here. I sell them a box every few months without any problems.
Jan 2016 I'm so pleased with the service that I have received, it was easy, quick, and clear. Even my payment was issued the same day.
Jan 2016 Simple, quick and hassle free! Highly recommended!
Jan 2016 Super quick and easy! Paid next day!
Jan 2016 Everything was really fast and easy! Would definitely recommend and do business with them again. Emails of the process were sent. Amazing communication!
Jan 2016 Very easy to use. I obtained a price quote, boxed the book up, they got it the next day, inspected the book and issued me a refund within an hour of receving the book. Shipping to them was free, with the choice of method. Great service and I will definitely use CKY again!
Dec 2015 Wow ..... All I can say is they are super fast at processing! Great job and you guys will be my 1 st choice when I sell my books back for next semester! It didn't even take 24 hrs from the time I shipped my book for it to be inspected and my refund to be issued and that is something I have never experienced with any company I have sold item to! Keep up the hard work!
Dec 2015 I sent a book on Sept 8th and never received a check, emailed and called with no response back. Its now Dec 26th have sent another email waiting for a reply back ,but will I get one who knows ? Sorry to say this wasn't a good experience for me.
Dec 2015 Easy to dealt with, quick inspection and payment.
Dec 2015 Excellent service from CKY Books all during the transaction.
Nov 2015 Easy to use and quick turn-around make CKY Books my go-to place when I have books to sell.
Nov 2015 The process of selling books to CKY Books was easy peasy! Their quote was spot on and they paid me on the same day they received my order. Thank you CKY. You are fabulous and I will use your services again.

Nov 2015 Love CKY Books. I sent my books for the first time and I am very satisfied with their service. I received prompt response from them and they sent me the exact amount they promised. Keep it up, team!
Nov 2015 100% happy, fast service
Oct 2015 This was the first time I've used CKY Books. Wow, they're great. I mailed my books and 5 days later, the money was deposited into my Paypal account. Thanks so much!!
Oct 2015 Reliable company, excellent buyback program. Sold books to them 10/25, payment was sent to my PayPal account 10/29...that was fast!!
Oct 2015 Fantastic service! Clear instructions, free shipping, quick payment. Highly recommend.
Oct 2015 Fantastic service and a pleasure to do business with you!
Oct 2015 I love doing business with CKY. They are very reasonable and make the process as quick and easy as possible. Management is also very great and will not disappoint you.
Oct 2015 Fast turn around when books received at CKY. Fast payment.
Oct 2015 Great place to do business with.
Oct 2015 Excellent process, payments are quick, website is very easy to use. Highly recommended!
Oct 2015 They inspected the books promptly and gave me exactly what they quoted. Legitimate service!
Sep 2015 Very very easy to use and payments are provided promptly. They also offered the highest amount in buyback for my very expensive grad school books.
Sep 2015 VERY fast turnaround. Impressive. Quote was same as disbursement. That has been a point of contention elsewhere. Will be happy to do business here again.
Sep 2015 Easy site to use. Good price for book. No problems.
Sep 2015 I sold back multiple groups of books to various vendors. You were the first to pay me, and I mailed my books to you days after some of the others. Thanks for providing such prompt service.
Sep 2015 You guys are the best I've ever dealt with. You are super fast when it comes to making payment and that's why I want to thank you for your service. Humbly yours Abraham Rodriguez
Sep 2015 Excellent service. Easy website to use and immediate review of sent books followed by payment. I will gladly use CKY again.
Sep 2015 CKY is super fast ...accepted all books at quoted prices...very quick turn around..thank you
Sep 2015 Do not sell or buy books from CKY Books! I gathered 5 books from my classmates and mailed them in, all in new or barely used shape. Now they're not reimbursing me for 2 of the books claiming "torn/loose/broken" binding. Absolutely ridiculous. We cracked those books maybe twice! You couldn't even tell the books had been even opened! I have never had a problem with any of the vendors on this site until CKY Books.
Aug 2015 Extremely fast payment by check or paypal.
Jul 2015 Very easy to use and payment was super fast for books sold. Can't ask for more than that. A+++
Jun 2015 Exceptional. Payment received via PayPal less than one week after sending my books.
Jun 2015 CKY Books has been a stalwart in buying books from me for several years.
They pay well and they pay the fastest of any companies out there.
Thanks for helping me pay my bills.
Jun 2015 I have used CKY for several buybacks. The payment is the fastest of any book buyback company and the level of continuous communication is outstanding. Highly recommend.