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Jul 2016 wish I would have seen the feedback prior to sending my book here. They also "lost" my shipment.... no payment of 120 dollars was issued.
Jul 2016 Called for payment a month after book order was sent and was told payment had been issued. Called a month later and was told package had been lost at post office. That's all I need to hear. Will not use them again.
Apr 2016 Actual payment amounts are highly subjective. They can choose to pay you less than the quoted if they deem the books to have any damage. They require and excessive amount for return shipping and force you to mail a check or money order to have unaccepted books returned.
Jan 2016 easy to use quick payment
Feb 2015 They paid me half of what I was quoted and none of the books had been declined. This is the last time I will sell to them because they do this EVERYTIME and it has cost me $100's of dollars.I would definitely use someone else