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Since we began as a home-based enterprise in 1999 we have grown steadily thanks to our customers, yet retained that family style approach to doing business that we think is the real key to our success. We treat our staff like we would ourselves, and they in turn go the extra mile for customers like you.

Whether you're selling a used college textbook or need to buy a new or used college textbook at a great price, our friendly and experienced customer service team is committed to helping you every step of the way. Like answering your emails courteously and promptly, and making sure that when you call us, we provide you with the answers you're looking for. And ensuring that most orders are processed and shipped within 24 hours.

Website: http://www.bookbyte.com
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Apr 2017 We are severally unhappy and will be pressing charges if things are not resolved. Wouldn't rate them even a 1 if it wasn't required.
Apr 2017 I have sold books to Bookbyte 2 times recently. Great customer service from the very beginning and received my money quickly. Will use them again in the future. Thank you!!.
Feb 2017 BookByte never paid me for book.
Books isbn 9780078119088
Also they change price without notify the seller of updates.
Never was I contacted about my book being shipped back. They just keep the book .
Feb 2017 I was concerned after reading some of the feedback. I sent a book mid January and received a check on 2/6/17. The turnaround might be a bit slower as compared to other buyers. However, they texted me to inform me when the book was processed and when the check was distributed. The amount quoted is exactly what I was paid. The website is also user friendly--you can check on the status of your book at any time.
Jan 2017 I'm really glad I sent my books to Bookbyte. They are very honest, and they meet the promised quota, it is very easy to get free shipping. I will definitely send my books with them again. Thanks Bookbyte
Jan 2017 I sent my books December 10th 2016 and I still have not received my check as of today. I would appreciate a response.
Jan 2017 I have used Bookbyte and other companys for a long time now and i can honestly say bookbyte has been the most honest by far. Thank you Bookbyte.
Nov 2016 I have always been paid on time for book sellbacks with BookByte. Paypal is the way to go.
Jul 2016 I sold a book to Bookbyte but I have not yet received a check. When I checked the status of my book, it said it was approved and payment was sent. I got text messaging updates on my order saying the check would arrive in 3-10 business days to arrive. It's been 24 days and I have not received my check. I just want to know what is going on.
Jun 2016 Charged late fee for shipping delays. Need say more? It's ludicrous!
Bookbyte Response: Our records show that your rental was due on 05/21/2016. We do provide a small grace period for rentals to be received back and processed after the due date without penalty to accommodate for shipping. A rental is not considered satisfied until we have received and processed the return. You were charged with the cost to purchase on 06/11/2016 when the rental was 20 days late. The rental was received on 06/13/2016 and is in queue to be processed. As explained in your live chat and email reply, a full refund of that cost to purchase amount will be issued once the rental has been processed. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to let us know. Thank you for your time.
May 2016 Bookbyte is the best library , is very easy to send your books, easy to get the shipping label, they respect the quotas offered on Bookscouter, warning you right through texts on your phone when already received the books and the moment when they send you the pay for your books. Payment always arrives quickly. I can only thanks them for accepting me into their team. thanks Bookbyte.
Mar 2016 I am very happy with this vendor. Upon receipt of my books I received a check within the week for the price quoted. I tried to leave feedback a month ago, after my transaction was completed, but the star rating was not working on the feedback site and I wanted to be sure to give this company 5 stars. I would definitely use them again.
Jan 2016 Second time selling, prompt payment, easy to use, good customer support. Will definitely use again.
Jan 2016 I have sold books to Bookbyte before and never had a single issue with it. I recently tried to purchase a $180 book but they said my address didn't match my card info which I knew wasn't wrong so I tried it with another card. Well they charged me THREE times for that amount even though the error message told me my card wasn't going to be charged. I contacted their customer service which was little to no help saying that it was my banks issue not theirs. So I called my bank (which was super helpful) but unfortunately they couldn't do anything either because Bookbyte had already authorized my card for purchase even though they kept telling me it was declined. I will not be purchasing from them again. My bank said I was the third person to have this problem with Bookbyte.
Jan 2016 My books were in perfect condition and I shipped them in on time. It has been four weeks and I still haven't been paid. Absolutely ridiculous.
Dec 2015 I can't believe they don't have a phone number for people to call. I have questions about my return and I'm sure my book will be late because I can't get a hold of anyone immediately. I never received and emails from this company and it says my email is not on their records. I have a packing slip with their information on it. all other companies send out emails after emails letting you know when your books are due back and I never received a single email from this company. I have an order number from them...how can I not exist? this is incredibly frustrating and I CAN NOT believe they don't have any phone numbers on their site. what a horrible, horrible company.
Dec 2015 Very slow pay. Other buybacks are paying within a week i have had books unpaid at bookbyte for weeks now. If the price is close sell back to someone else.
Oct 2015 They paid me top dollar for 2 used books which I sent in. It took a little over a week from the time I shipped the books until they deposited the funds in my PayPal account. Will use again and recommend.
Oct 2015 One of my favorite vendors. Easy, reasonable selection process, no unfounded rejections, and customer service is fast and friendly. Very consistent with payment and turn-around times. I only wish they offered higher prices on more things so I could justify selling to them all the time!
Oct 2015 Used Bookbyte for two books which they offered the highest buyback on. Although the USPS shipping took longer than other methods, I received the quoted amount via PayPal shortly after they received them.
Sep 2015 My book might be lost. They don't have tracking number for the package, and unable to tell the location of the package. The shipping label is weird, differ from the normal label, which might be the cause of this incident.
Sep 2015 I sent 3 books in and 9 Days later money was in my account. I was told when books were received and when the money was transferred. No issues. No problems at all. Excellent Service. Will use again.
Aug 2015 They are reliable and pay the prices quoted. Use paypal for the faster payment.
Aug 2015 Bookbyte is very, very, very slow with sending checks.
Bookbyte Response: It can take us 3-5 business days to inspect an order once it's received and to have a payment issued. The check for your order was mailed out within that timeframe to the address on your account. If you haven't received this check, please let us know.