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MyBookBuyer is the online book buyback service of Beagle Books. Beagle Books has been actively buying and selling books online since 1999. We are proud of having one of the highest feedback rating of any top tier Amazon Marketplace seller based on sales volume. The principal owners and management team at Beagle Books have blended their technical and business knowledge with a commitment to social responsibility with hopes of making a difference in this world. In addition to helping recycle over 1 million pounds of books in 2004, 2005 and 2006, Beagle Books have supported literacy projects, including donating textbooks that will ultimately help educate students in third world countries.

The success of Beagle Books stems from an unwavering philosophy of offering fair prices on the sale and purchase of used books. We offer what we believe to be one of the most aggressive buyback program and believe we buy back more titles and offer the most for those titles than any other bookstore or online buyer. We buy all categories of books, not just textbooks or a particular category of books.

Bottom line, we make selling textbooks and selling books online easy and convenient for you. Don't wait in long lines at the college bookstore to sell your used college books. It only takes a few seconds to find out what we will pay for your used books. If you like what you see, box up the books and ship it to us for FREE! We promise we'll pay cash for books fast. We'll pay you via Paypal or mail the check within 2 business days of receipt of books.

Website: http://mybookbuyer.com/
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Nov 2016 I sent them a book and they replied that I mailed it too late. I emailed them a screenshot of my UPS tracking showing that it was shipped on time. They still did not issue payment. Very disappointing.
Sep 2016 Great to work with. If you provide them with feedback when they request it, all future orders get additional bonus credit. If you pay shipping on a order between $10-$25 they always reimburse the shipping you pay as long as it is below their quoted shipping maximum
Feb 2016 Great buy back site. They offer pretty good prices. I've used them a few times already and actually sent another shipment just yesterday! I had already left feedback on them but doesn't seem like it got posted. Anyways, every time I've use them so far they've sent me a check pretty quickly, only once did it take a little longer than usual for them to send the payment. Would recommend!
Feb 2016 Sold books to this website a couple times already and had a great experience. They offer pretty good prices compared to many other sites. Payment came on time too. Would recommend!
Jan 2016 I have been selling books here, for over 2 years and very rarely encountered a problem. I will continue to use MyBookBuyer.
Aug 2015 Sent two books and later on received a email saying "it was rejected due to different ISBN" but it was correct!! i even checked the amazon where i bought it at, and it was the same! This site is not trust-able! I do not recommend using this site to sell books.