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BookMonster Reviews

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Jun 27, 2021

Comment: No issues & fast payment! Book prices are mostly low to fair, so shop around.

Jun 12, 2021

Comment: Terrible company. Our buyback book orders never come back paid in full no matter how careful we are. I suggest selling to a different company if you can.

Jun 04, 2021

Comment: Vendor of last resort .. sold to them for years prior to pandemic and they consistently find ways to not pay for many books submitted .. especially higher priced ones. Choose any other vendor before shipping to them.

May 16, 2021

Comment: I used to sell to them all the time prior to the pandemic. They were great then. They stopped buying books online until recently. I’m sorry to say that they are terrible now. Maybe they are under new management? I sent in 13 books and they only paid me for 5. They claimed 8 of my books were missing. I sell to several online stores and have never had this happen. I don’t forget 8 books like that. I emailed them to complain with no response. They also adjust their offers now to lower initial offers. They never did that before the pandemic. I probably won’t be selling to them again.

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