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Jun 2017 I've only had an issue with one book (that they rejected for what I felt was an invalid reason) out of nearly 100 books sold. That's at least as good of a record as I have with any other buyback company.

They reject any book with more than 10 pages marked (I think that's where a lot of people get caught by surprise). That seems overly strict for textbooks, some of which have over 1000 pages. Considering a book "unacceptable" because 1% of the pages are marked is a bit ridiculous. Still, it is what it is. Read the guidelines and you'll know what they expect.

They pay based on condition, and I've actually had them upgrade my books (and pay more) more often than they've downgraded them.

Payment has been slower lately. I've been waiting a few business days to get paid for books sent recently. Earlier in the year they'd pay within 24 hours of receiving the book.
Jun 2017 I will never use this company again. They accepted only 72% of the books I submitted even though all were in good condition. Rip off.
Jun 2017 They are absolutely the worst book buying company I have ever dealt with. Do not send books to this company. You are better off throwing them in the trash and doing something else with the time you would have wasted. Like everyone else says, they rip you off massively. (think 10% of what they say they will pay)
Jun 2017 This company has improved by leaps and bounds over the past few months. I get good prices for my books and the turnaround time for the payment to arrive in my Paypal account is fast. I have sold books for over a decade and this is fast becoming a favorite site.
Mar 2017 I have sent them books 4 times in the last six months. I have been paid the quoted amount only one time. The worst being they paid me for 2 books out of the 6 I sent them. If you have another option, please use it. Book Monster will either pay you less or not at all.
Jul 2016 I have a hate/hate relationship with the Monster. I hate sending them books because I hate getting nickle and dimed due to downgraded condition. I own a bookstore and I send them absolutely brand new books in pristine condition. However, their inspector must use a electron microscope to find that tiny micro scratch which is NOT visible to the human eye. Hey Monster...better wake up and smell the coffee! Nobody will send you any more books unless you stop ripping your customers off. Take a look at your ratings!! In case you don't realize it...a one star is the worst and five is the best. Personally, I'm done with you!!
Jul 2016 I have sent 2 like new books. But, they never pay the like new price. I gave extra star because they do pay, where other buyers try to pay nothing.
Jul 2016 I rated this company one star a year ago. I decided to give them another try. I have sent a half dozen buybacks, and it is the same story. They bait and switch. The quoted price is downgraded 99% of the time. Twice, they rejected books with the explanation "false ISBN." I have been in the book business for years. I double check every book I sell. The last "False ISBN" just happened to be for a pricey textbook. I could have sold it to SellBackYourBook for a dollar less, and I should have. I am eliminating BookMonster from my vendor list.
Jun 2016 They've been showing up in my searches a lot more lately so I decided to give them a try. Their website is strange, with stilted English, and the price Bookscouter shows in the search is always higher than what you end up getting quoted. While it's always a guess how much you'll actually be paid (they downgrade a LOT), I don't find them to be as bad as the thieves they were called earlier.
Jun 2016 Over the past 2 years, they have paid me in full only once out of 16 buybacks, and did not pay at all for 14 books. Shame on them for downgrading all these orders, but shame on me for not catching on sooner. I am done with BookMonster.
Jun 2016 Bad company. BookMonster consistently lowers quotes on books that other, better sites consistently pay in full. While it's nice that they make offers on some books that have no value on other sites, with the amount of regularity they downgrade the books and don't pay, users are better off donating the books for tax write-offs.
Jun 2016 They do not need to be on the bookscouter. They're web-site leaves something to be desired they give incorrect pricing from the start. Difficult to use.
Jun 2016 After giving them an honest try I feel they are a bait and switch operation. They hardly pay what they offer. They will (90% of the time) downgrade quality regardless of the real condition you send the book in.
They also have a discard option for books they deem "unsellable" if you choose this option you have a higher chance for a downgrade and no payment.
The one attempt to call I made with an issue was strange.
I was told to call another location for help, the number I was then given was the number I had just called. "Mr.Kim" then said he would get info. and call me back. I am still waiting for that call.
I won't use them anymore.
May 2016 Excellent customer service. Prompt processing and great buyback prices! Highly recommended.
May 2016 I read all of the other feedbacks listed. I wish I had read them before I sent my books in. They quoted me $45 and they found 4 of my books were "bad, to much highlighting" ( i know otherwise because i took pictures) they are now paying me $14 and refuse to send my books back. What a rip off... Do not use ever. Horrible company. How can bookscouter keep them on the list?;
May 2016 I will never sell to BookMonser again. As others have attested, they downgrade and reject too many books for reasons that are false. I have sold books to many other places and have rarely had a book rejected or even downgraded. Avoid selling to BookMonster!
Apr 2016 Stole my books! I shipped them 11 books in one box. They claim to have not received 7 of them! Two of which were brand new cookbooks still in shrink wrap. I will never do business with them again.
Apr 2016 They are quite simply a bait and switch operation. I have been buying and selling textbooks since the middle 1990's and have seen this in disreputable wholesalers in the past. They offer a high price to get you to sell, but always reject (I did not say return) or downgrade for a lesser price the books sent in. They make it almost impossible to get the books back. I for one will not be scammed again!
Apr 2016 They downgrade and reject far too many items. I've been involved with the book business for decades; I also owned a bookstore for 13 years. I know what is good, very good, etc. The one star reflects their zero payment for a Beatles Anthology CD. They claimed it had deep scratches. It did not. Plain and simple. It did not. I will never use them again.
Apr 2016 Don't sell here unless you were already going to donate the books. They tease you with higher prices but then find mystery problems with your books. I sell to Powells all the time with very few rejections so I understand picky - this is not picky, its robbery.
Apr 2016 After reading the reviews here, I came across a book that BookMonster was buying for $34, while other vendors were only offering around $4. I figured it was a good chance to test them out. Sure enough, they rejected it for phantom "tears greater than 1 inch." I took photos of the book before sending it out just so I could verify if they came back with a claim of poor condition, and there wasn't a single tear on any of the pages. Companies like this must make a lot of money denying payment for books that they then turn around and sell at 100% profit.
Apr 2016 Two years ago I would have rated them five stars for their super-quick payment processing and a reject rate of only about 2%. But recently their reject rate has risen to 30-40% and their downgrade percentage is about the same. I will now sell them only items that other vendors won't accept.
Mar 2016 Will never use this buyer, again. Sent 2 orders in, worth $115.50. They paid $41.78, rejecting most of the books. I understand a single rejected book. Not 11 out of 24, though. That is wrong.
Mar 2016 They used to be good, now they just keep downgrading or outright rejecting items that I'm sure they turn around and resell. Sell elsewhere, if you can, otherwise they are an option if you don't mind getting paid something other than what you were promised.
Mar 2016 Wow. I use a lot of trusted vendors and rarely have a problem. Like the previous reviewer noted, most of my books were rejected. Mold? Don't think so. I would rather go to another vendor who offers a little less for a resale and know that my book will be accepted compared to giving this one another shot. Avoid!
Mar 2016 yes they don't give you very much for the books, but the ones i was selling i was glad i at least got something. And for a number of the 16 books that i sent in they actually upped the condition value so even though they couldn't take 2 of the books i still got what they quoted me for all of them.
Jan 2016 My mistake for giving them another try. They downgrade about 1/3, discard about 1/3 and pay you for some of the cheaper items. I sell a lot of books and rarely have a single book rejected let alone multiples in one box. Don't sell to them. Ever.
Jul 2015 Used them a few times. They always claim unacceptable condition and missing items. This last time I got $30 less than my quote. Barely worth using but being that they take stuff other people don't, why not just take the dough?