We receive a lot of questions from BookScouters about textbook arbitrage outside of the United States. Usually these messages ask about international shipping. While BookScouter.com is accessible anywhere in the world, keep in mind that most of the vendors buying and selling books on our site are based in the United States.

They will probably accept books sent to them; however, pre-paid shipping labels will not work outside the country, so you may end up having to pay for shipping at your own expense. Unless your books are worth enough to maintain a solid profit margin, you may not benefit from shipping books on your own dime.

As of now, BooksRun, BuyBack Express, BuyBack101, MyBookMonkey, BlueRocketBooks, Cash4Books, TextbookRecycling, Bookstores.com, Textbooks.com, SellBackYourBook, and BookByte will ship outside of the U.S. at the customer’s expense. If you are interested in buying or selling books with any vendor, we suggest contacting them directly before sending anything off to ensure they will accept your books.

You will also want to check if your textbook is a version from the U.S. or an international edition. Not all companies buy or sell international editions. Take a look at the vendor profile pages on BookScouter to see which vendors will deal with international editions. Our best advice is to contact the vendors directly with any questions so that you can be sure to get the most reliable and updated information. Happy Scouting!