If you want to buy discounted books, BookScouter can help you save money on new and used books. BookScouter compares prices from booksellers around the world to guarantee you are getting the best possible price when buying a book. Having the listed prices in front of you saves time and helps you make an informed decision. As you search for books to buy, you may encounter a few of these terms:


A hurt book has been damaged in transit from the publisher to the bookseller. Sometimes this involves tearing pages, folding the covers, or damaging the dustjackets. These books are still readable, but certainly not in perfect condition, so it’s good to know exactly why you want to purchase the book in the first place. If you want to give the title as a gift, a hurt book probably isn’t the best choice. But if you want simply want the book to read at your leisure, this is a great way to get a cheaper book.


These books can be tougher to find, because they are less common than your average book. Collectibles may include rare books, first editions, advanced reading copies, or limited editions (which may be signed by the author). If you find a collectible book at a good price, buy it, because you may not see that deal again!


Remainders are books left over from the printing of new editions. When publishers stop printing an edition, they sometimes sell the extra copies to booksellers for a drastically reduced price. The great thing about the books is that they are brand new! If you come across a deal involving a remaindered book, you are probably saving a lot of money because you are not buying the book full price. This happens to many popular books, even bestsellers. The downside of remainders is that the author earns no money on his or her work.

If you keep these terms in mind, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding cheaper books online.