Metallurgy Fundamentals: Ferrous and Nonferrous image

Metallurgy Fundamentals: Ferrous and Nonferrous



Author:Brandt, Daniel A
Edition:Sixth Edition, Textbook
Released:Oct 09, 2019
Format:Paperback, 528 pages
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Metallurgy Fundamentals provides instruction on the basic principles of metallurgy that are invaluable to any person who plans to deal with metals as a future career. The text emphasizes the practical aspects of metallurgy, exploring the behavior of metals subjected to the metallurgical process and explaining why certain material properties are desired and how they are attained. Ferrous metals and alloys are a focus, and the section on nonferrous metallurgy has been expanded for this edition, including greater coverage of titanium, low- and high-density metals, superalloys, refractory metals, noble metals, and rear earth metals.

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