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Fundamentals of Athletic Training




Released:Oct 19, 2018
Publisher:Human Kinetics
Format:Hardcover, 488 pages
Related ISBN:9780736052580


Fundamentals of Athletic Training, Fourth Edition With Web Study Guide, offers a well-rounded introduction to the field of athletic training. It presents injuries and illnesses commonly encountered by certified athletic trainers and also reviews professional and administrative aspects of the profession. Written specifically for high school and community college students, this text provides students with the foundational knowledge and skills to assist athletic trainers on the field and in the training room, as well as the opportunity to evaluate the possibility of a career as a sports medicine professional.

In an engaging full-color layout, the updated fourth edition presents the latest developments in athletic training with regard to treatment, care, administration, and certification. New material in this edition includes the following:

• Professional preparation and career potential

• Documentation, record keeping, and electronic injury tracking systems

• Development and design of an athletic training facility

• Fiscal management and equipment ordering

• Analysis of preexisting conditions and preparticipation exams

• Basic diagnostic tests, including X-rays, ultrasounds, and drug screening tests

• Ethics for sports medicine professionals

After reviewing human anatomy and the physiology of injury and tissue healing, students will find head-to-toe coverage of common injuries with explanations of appropriate treatment protocols. The text also discusses various conditions, illnesses, and communicable diseases along with information on nutrition and the effects of therapeutic, recreational, and performance-enhancing drug use. Students will learn the fundamentals of rehabilitation and injury prevention techniques through the use of taping, wrapping, and protective equipment.

Learning aids in this fourth edition include Red Flags features, which warn of potentially hazardous situations; What Would You Do If . . . features, which present students with complex and life-threatening situations to test their decision making and The Real World features, which share actual experiences from practicing athletic trainers. The fourth edition also features a new web study guide that offers activities and assignments to support classroom instruction. The web study guide includes 28 practical skill worksheets that allow for hands-on experience, as well as a semester-long project that develops with each chapter to give students a true understanding of the requirements needed to be an effective athletic trainer. Instructors will have access to an instructor guide, test package, chapter quizzes, and a presentation package plus image bank.

Fundamentals of Athletic Training, Fourth Edition, provides a clear understanding of the functions, skills, and activities that are involved in the work of certified athletic trainers. By offering a solid introduction to the profession, this text will pique the interest of students considering their career possibilities and act as a springboard to a future in athletic training and sports medicine.

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