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Disaster Recovery



Author:Phillips, Brenda D.
Released:Dec 08, 2015
Publisher:CRC Press
Format:Hardcover, 522 pages
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Since the publication of the first edition of Disaster Recovery, a number of important new studies and guides have become available. Now revised, updated, and expanded, this second edition meets the high standards for providing evidence-based best practices in a user-friendly textbook set by its predecessor. It is also more international in scope, incorporating case studies from around the world, including coverage of the Haiti earthquake of 2010, the Japanese tsunami of 2011, and overseas recovery practices.

Highlights of the Second Edition:

  • Takes a more international approach by examining developments and recovery efforts from recent global disasters
  • New case examples added to the beginning of each chapter
  • Deepened practical content drawn from lessons learned through scientific studies and best practices developed over time
  • Integrates content on social vulnerability in each chapter
  • Links recovery to best practices in mitigation

Each chapter includes learning objectives and key terms at the beginning as well as end-of-chapter questions to reinforce and expand learning. Also, information, studies, and best practices related to socially vulnerable populations are integrated throughout the book.

Disaster Recovery, Second Edition provides a necessary update to a landmark text in the field of recovery preparedness and execution. The updates and expansions in this edition make it the new standard in the field for learning how to design and implement the best possible recovery efforts, as well as how to evaluate efforts.

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