Vertebrate Biology: Systematics, Taxonomy, Natural History, and Conservation image

Vertebrate Biology: Systematics, Taxonomy, Natural History, and Conservation



Author:Linzey, Donald W.
Edition:third edition
Released:Aug 04, 2020
Publisher:Johns Hopkins University Press
Format:Hardcover, 744 pages
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The most trusted and best-selling textbook on the diverse forms and fascinating lives of vertebrate animals.

Covering crucial topics from morphology and behavior to ecology and zoogeography, Donald Linzey's popular textbook, Vertebrate Biology, has long been recognized as the most comprehensive and readable resource on vertebrates for students and educators. Thoroughly updated with the latest research, this new edition discusses taxa and topics such as

• systematics and evolution
• zoogeography, ecology, morphology, and reproduction
• early chordates
• fish, amphibians, reptiles (inclusive of birds), and mammals
• population dynamics
• movement and migration
• behavior
• study methods
• extinction processes
• conservation and management

For the first time, 32 pages of color images bring these fascinating organisms to life. In addition, 5 entirely new chapters have been added to the book, which cover

• restoration of endangered species
• regulatory legislation affecting vertebrates
• wildlife conservation in a modern world
• climate change
• wildlife management in a modern world

Complete with review questions, updated references, appendixes, and a glossary of well over 300 terms, Vertebrate Biology is the ideal text for courses in zoology, vertebrate biology, vertebrate natural history, and general biology. Donald W. Linzey carefully builds theme upon theme, concept upon concept, as he walks students through a plethora of topics. Arranged logically to follow the most widely adopted course structure, this text will leave students with a full understanding of the unique structure, function, and living patterns of all vertebrates.

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