Loose Leaf Mirror for Humanity image

Loose Leaf Mirror for Humanity



Author(s):Kottak, Conrad
Released:Jan 21, 2022
Publisher:McGraw Hill
Format:Loose Leaf, 432 pages
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Mirror for Humanity is a brief introduction to sociocultural anthropology, also covering linguistic and applied anthropology. Its shorter length increases the instructor’s options for assigning additional reading―case studies, readers, and other supplements―within a one semester course. Mirror For Humanity can also work well in a quarter system, for which traditional texts may be too long. While presenting cultural anthropology’s core concepts and topics, Mirror also aims to demonstrate anthropology’s relevance to the 21st-century world we inhabit. The text aims to instill an appreciation of cultural diversity, of cultural anthropology as a field, and of how an anthropological approach can build on, and help make sense of, the experience that students bring to the classroom.

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