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Glencoe World History




Released:Jan 25, 2002
Publisher:McGraw-Hill Education
Format:Hardcover, 1120 pages


Glencoe World History, a comprehensive course that covers prehistory to the present day, helps link the events of the past with the issues that confront students today. It motivates and engages students in meaningful learning as they develop an understanding of the world?s cultures and an appreciation for the interdependence of world regions.


  • Respected Authorship? - Written by an unparalleled author team that includes the world-renowned National Geographic Society, this program is characterized by a consistently riveting narrative flow.? Special features contributed by the National Geographic engage every student and encourage even more reading.?
  • The National Geographic Society created the map program for Glencoe World History. Clear, concise, and accurate, the maps make the connection between geography and history
  • Reading Support? - Glencoe World History contains more reading support than any other World History program! Glencoe authors, editors, and reading specialists have created a unique content reading strategy that includes Prior Knowledge Activators and Graphic Organizers in every lesson and In-Text Reading Checks to monitor? ongoing comprehension.?
  • New! Reading Essentials and Study Guide contains the entire text rewritten at a lower reading level. Combined with the World History Audio Program, the guide is a powerful reading tool for reluctant readers.

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