Obvious truth as it may be, it always bears repeating—college is costly.

Although tuition is always the first and foremost expense everyone worries about, the price of college books continues on an endless uphill climb. Specifically, college textbook prices have increased by over 1,000% since the 1970s.

Sadly enough, most college books have a short utility timespan. After fulfilling their purpose, their fate will likely be that of a dust collector on a bookshelf or in a forgotten drawer. Unless, of course, you SELL them.

Not only does it provide the books with a longer lifespan and further utility, but it also guarantees some money back from your initial investment. If you are careful while choosing your options and methods and follow the best tips on how to sell used textbooks profitably, you can make quite a penny.💰

But for this strategy to work, knowing WHERE to sell college books for the best price is essential. Below are our suggestions and the best recommendations we can give.

1. Amazon

how to sell textbooks on Amazon

It is undeniable that Amazon is the leading e-commerce marketplace, a fact carved in stone when the company hit $514 billion in net sales in 2022. As such, it remains one of the most appealing options since it allows you to cast a wider net.

To sell college textbooks on Amazon, you have to create a seller account, which offers two plan options—Individual and Professional. The Individual option charges the seller a commission per unit sold on the platform, while the Professional one is a fixed monthly fee regardless of sales.

Likewise, Amazon offers two fulfillment methods for sellers to choose from according to preferences. First, Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM) allows sellers to package and ship each item with the arrangements they decide. In contrast, Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) lets Amazon handle all logistics—for an extra fee.

If you need further guidance, check the ultimate guide on how to sell textbooks on Amazon.

2. eBay

Where to Sell College Books in 2023

When it comes to places where to sell college books online, eBay stands out as an easy yet risky option.

A factor in its popularity is how straightforward the platform and system are. All you need to do is register for an account and—if so you desire—set up a storefront. Likewise, setting up a listing for the book you wish to sell is easy and intuitive.

However, eBay’s biggest appeal is that the seller has complete control over the books they sell, making it easy to set the prices they consider fair. If sellers desire, they can also set up an auction and let demand decide the final cost.

But the downside of this freedom is unreliability. Setting up higher prices could hinder the chances of the bookselling fast—or at all—while the auction function risks low bids and, thus, selling the book for far less than expected.

Overall, eBay is a long-standing option that has lost some luster against textbook buyback companies yet remains open to anyone willing to play by its rules. Feel free to read the material on what’s better: textbook buyback or selling your college books on eBay.

3. AbeBooks


While Amazon and eBay have clear advantages, their scope can be too broad. By contrast, AbeBooks can attract potential customers looking exactly for what you’re selling—books and other printed collectibles.

But although the website specializes in exclusive content, AbeBooks offers a buyback program that includes college textbooks through two partners—TextbookRush and Ziffit. The platform is easy to use and can guarantee quick money without further complications.

But although AbeBooks is reliable and straightforward, it is still most well-known as a source for rare books, first-edition books, and other highly collectible items (collector’s edition books among them). As such, it doesn’t stand out as a platform where to sell college books fast, which means demand may be low.

4. Facebook Marketplace

Where to Sell College Books

Facebook Marketplace has become a staple for selling and buying miscellaneous items, not in small part thanks to its user-friendly platform and the wide audience it reaches.

Although some sellers can offer shipping options, the biggest appeal of Facebook Marketplace is that it can filter buyers and sellers within a local area. Likewise, it provides complete freedom to buyers when it comes to setting prices without hidden fees.

However, remember that Facebook Marketplace offers few guarantees or protection to buyers or sellers, making it easy to get scammed or exposed to danger. Likewise, the benefits of setting prices may not be worth it when there are many more ways how to sell used books while maximizing profit.

5. BookScouter


BookScouter is not merely a platform where to sell college books fast and efficiently—its goal is to give you all the information you need to make the best choice.

Unlike other entries, BookScouter is a book price comparison platform that allows you to locate the best options to buy, sell, or rent used books. It features over thirty vendors, and a simple click makes it easier to compare and contrast them to decide what suits you best.

Selling books on BookScouter’s website or app is quite intuitive—all you need to do is write down the ISBN, title, or author of the book you plan to sell. Immediately after, the platform displays the many buyback vendors seeking that specific college textbook. Information is power, and gathering data on vendors, prices, and selling history can make a difference in getting the best bang for your buck.

Conclusion—The Choice is Yours

Gone are the days when options were limited, and you could only try to sell your books to fellow students or at local book fairs. Now, finding where to sell college books is a matter of taste—plenty of websites are willing to provide a fair price and showcase a set of peculiar benefits and downsides.

Naturally, the best platform depends on what you value most: a wide range of potential clients, immediate transactions, or well-informed price comparison tools. But regardless of your choice, the critical aspect is that giving textbooks a second life —and maximizing profit while at it—has never been easier. It seems your bookshelves will have to make do without their dust collector.