It’s the time of year for a lot of holiday cooking and baking. As you dust off an old cookbook and consider letting it go to make extra space, you might want to first check to see the current value. If it’s really old, you may want to have it appraised by an antique book dealer.

You might decide to hold on to your vintage cookbooks and then pass them down to a family member. Perhaps you come across a rare find — a really expensive cookbook — and decide to sell it. Or you might decide that a vintage cookbook would make a thoughtful gift for a cook or collector you know.

Why are cookbooks so beloved? Cookbooks are often a snapshot in time. They can take you back in time to a kitchen from any decade; to a childhood favorite or even to another century to recreate the past. Cookbooks can take you places; peruse recipes from a favorite restaurant or try exotic dishes from a faraway country. Cookbooks can do more than just provide a recipe, they often tell the story behind the dishes and give insights into their creation. 

As you move forward with buying, selling, or collecting cookbooks here are a few things to keep in mind:

Use All of BookScouter’s Resources

You can check a cookbook’s ISBN to see the SELL value but did you also know you can do a keyword search to buy cookbooks on our site?

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Determine Antique Cookbooks’ Value

Why are some cookbooks worth more than others? Check out this article by The Spruce Crafts that explores why some cookbooks hold a higher value — hint it has nothing to do with the food.

Learn some of the histories from kitchens of the past in this article from titled, “A Guide to American Vintage Cookbooks” which shares cookbook selections dating back to the 1700s up through World War II.

The Most Expensive Cookbook on Sale 

AbeBooks has compiled a list of the 10 most expensive cookbooks ever sold from their stores. You may be able to guess which country the top priced one is from, but you won’t believe the price!

Keep your eyes open — you never know when you might come across a truly unique find. Happy hunting!