Hurray! We have a new winner of the BookScouter Book Scholarship! This quarter it is Savannah Foster from Seminole State College of Florida, who is majoring in Pharmacy. Congratulations! Have a great career ahead of you, and we will help you with getting your textbooks! 

The scholarship amounts to $500, and Savannah will use it to cover the costs of her textbooks. We hope that the scholarship will help her lower her college expenses — the rising cost of college books has been burdensome for so many students! We encourage everybody to apply for the scholarship on our website. The winner is randomly chosen four times a year, so there is a good chance! 

How to Apply for the BookScouter Book Scholarship

In order to be considered for this scholarship, you should be an enrolled student in an accredited university or college at the time of application submission and award announcement. If you are ready to get your chance to save a great deal on your textbook expenses, click on the APPLY button and complete the questionnaire. 

You’d be asked to make a short video and attach it to your application. In this video, you should present yourself (your name and your major) and tell us about the most expensive textbook you had to buy for your studies, and mention its price, of course! For Savannah, the most expensive college book costs $250! Attach this one-minute video to your application and submit it! Check all further details in the questionnaire, and don’t hesitate to contact us if any questions arise. 

Why Is This Book Scholarship Needed?

College students have to cope not only with the cost of tuition that often ends up being a heavy burden for the next few decades after graduation but also with the everyday expenses of living on campus. Among those are some hidden costs of studying at a college, such as textbooks. Nobody tells you upon admission, but in the end, you might spend thousands of dollars on buying college books, especially if you study for more than four years. 

That is why BookScouter has started this initiative to help many brilliant students lower their textbook expenses. Every quarter, we award one student with a $500 scholarship to purchase their textbooks. If you did not get a scholarship this time, you are encouraged to participate again! 

What Else Can You Do to Cut Textbook Expenses? 

While preparing your video for the BookScouter Book Scholarship application, there are other ways of cutting down on your textbook expenses. Use BookScouter price comparison tools to find the best vendor to buy and sell your textbooks, used or new. 

Moreover, consider renting textbooks as it is often cheaper than buying new textbooks.

textbook rental helps reduce college costs and lower student loan debt

We try to provide students with alternative ways of saving money when buying textbooks and raise their awareness of this issue. Book Scholarship is definitely a part of our bigger mission that we are proud to carry on. Once more, congratulations to our winner! Cheers!!!