Our third episode of The Studentpreneur Show is our first interview with a Studentprenuer! Taegan interviews Ben Cox of Ben Cox Photography, a local photographer growing his business who gives advice on how to make money with photography as a high school student.

As you listen to this interview you’ll learn so much from Ben. Of course, he shares about the beginnings of his business and how he graciously navigates building respect as a young entrepreneur, aka studentpreneur. He also drops insight in networking, marketing, scaling with a small budget, and standing out in the competition (hint: he’s super laid back and still makes money).

Ben is in the GO CAPS program with our show host, Taegan. To learn about how the GO CAPS program empowers students in their field, check out THIS BLOG.

BEN COX Photography Portrait
Ben Cox Portrait Photography
Ben Cox Landscape Photography
Ben Cox Landscape Photography

Ben leaves us with one great tip for aspiring photographers: “just start doing it.”

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Ben Cox Interview on The Studentpreneur Show
Ben Cox of Ben Cox Photography