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All You Need to Know about Instructor Edition Textbooks: Buying, Using, and Selling

All about textbooks By September 30, 2021 Tags: , , , No Comments

You’ve definitely encountered phrases like “Instructor Edition Textbooks” or “Teacher’s Edition Textbooks” when hunting for affordable books for college. Let’s figure out what this whole thing is about and answer the most pressing questions: are these kinds of faculty textbooks the same? Is selling teacher edition textbooks illegal? Do instructor edition textbooks have content identical to student editions? 

Why You Should Own Physical Books

All about books By April 17, 2021 Tags: , , , No Comments

Should you own physical books or at least some hard copies of your favorite novels? Or is it more sensible to sell used books and switch to ebooks? There is no right or wrong here, and this guide will help you review available options. You will learn about possible “use case” scenarios for various types of physical books — from coffee table volumes to expensive college textbooks. It is up to you to decide which option makes the most sense for you!

Six strategies to sell your college textbooks

Six Strategies to Successfully Sell College Textbooks

All about textbooks By May 8, 2019 Tags: , , , No Comments

The semester is wrapping up and you are preparing for final exams. Yes, that keeps you very busy, but don’t let the semester end just yet. You need to sell college textbooks! Why? You have gotten the most out of your textbooks the semester. Now it’s time to let them go, and earn some money along the way. 


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