Don’t you wish you could have access to a huge catalogue of free books, right at your fingertips?

When you’re as big of a bookworm as we are, you know that reading can quickly become an expensive hobby. Buying a new book every time you’re ready for a new tale is not financially sustainable, especially if you prefer hardbacks. Even second-hand books can become a strain on your wallet! 

Though libraries are a great alternative to buying books, it is too easy to rack up late fees, especially if you like to spend more than a few weeks with a novel. Additionally, many libraries don’t have a very large catalogue of e-books, typically restricted to just the classics or what they already have on their shelves.

What many people don’t know is that there are an innumerable number of resources offering readers free books online. While you may not be able to hold them in your hand, readers are able to have access to hundreds of thousands (or more!) books and stories online, all for the low, low price of free.

These websites offer everything from the classics, comic books, young adult, kit lit, to fanfiction, and everything in between. Check out our list below to see the 20 best places to find free books online.