There is a great channel to sell your book inventory with profit and diversify your reselling efforts you probably didn’t know about. No, it’s not Amazon. It’s BookScouter Bulk Liquidation Tool.

Some of our Pro users might have known its earlier version—Bulk Lookup, but now, it definitely deserves a separate review.

About the Tool

BookScouter Bulk Liquidation Tool allows checking real-time buyback prices in bulk (up to 10,000 ISBNs per day) and getting the required buyback price information for your excess inventory. Here is how it works:

Depending on your goal, you can upload two types of files (follow the instructions): 

  • If you need to get a list of up-to-date buyback prices for your ISBNs, upload the ISNBs list.
  • If you need to get a list of up-to-date buyback price quotes that match your “target price,” upload the ISNBs list with the “target price” column. 

In the latter case, you’ll get the list of ISBNs with buyback prices that match your desired price and vendor offers:

You’ll be able to see price matches both in your final file and on the web interface:

This option is a recent addition that’ll be extremely helpful if you want to sell some of your excess inventory to vendors at your desired prices. The Bulk Liquidation Tool allows you to add an extra sales channel for your book reselling business. You sell your books with profit and without hassle when there are offers from buyback vendors matching your target prices. All you need to do is check your ISBNs list regularly on BookScouter. No need to follow the tedious process of listing them on Amazon and shipping them to individual buyers.




While Bulk Lookup used to be all about providing real-time buyback prices, we’ve upgraded it to make the tool more efficient for you. 

With the updated Bulk Liquidation Tool, instead of just uploading a file with ISBNs and getting a file with buyback prices in return, users can receive the buyback price information they specifically need.

To get price matches filtered out, users can upload files with an extra column named “Target price,” where the suitable buyback prices are inserted. 

In the return file, the information about the books with the prices that met the “target price” in the upload file will be featured. Users will be able to see the best offer for the “target price” and can sell their books directly to them by following the link.

Individual FBM sellers will find this tool extremely useful, as it can help remove excess inventory quickly, without hassle and headaches. With BookScouter Bulk Liquidation Tool, there is no need to take the trouble of listing the item on Amazon individually, waiting for the client to buy it, shipping, etc. Instead, getting a file with target prices uploaded once daily equips a seller with all the information to get rid of excess books.

To sum up the benefits:

  • Easy to use
  • Saves time
  • Fast access to buyback price information
  • No need to list items on Amazon manually
  • No need to ship items to individual buyers, you can ship in bulk to buyback vendors
  • Sales channels diversification

Case Study

Once again, let’s take a look at two ways a bookseller can use BookScouter Bulk Liquidation Tool:

If you want to search for the best buyback prices for your books, upload a CSV file with their ISBN list:

Here is the sample of the file you’ll get in return:

You can also add a “target price” column for your ISBNs to get the results that match your desired and filtered-out price:

You’ll see all price-matched ISBNs with buyback offers on the web page:

Here is the sample of the file you’ll get in return:

To sell the books to the vendors that offer price quotes that match your “target price,” simply click on the links on the web page or in the file. You can check the books you want to sell for the matching offers daily, and when the match happens, make a sale immediately. Voila, your excess book inventory is liquidated with profit in no time!

Why Try Now

BookScouter Bulk Liquidation Tool makes your selling process more efficient. By getting access to real-time buyback price data for your books, you can sell them at the best prices. By narrowing your search to the price margin you aim for, you can sell your excess books most profitably. 

14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Try BookScouter Bulk Liquidation Tool now to test and see how effective it is for your sales. For every new Pro user, we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. If you get a BookScouter Pro Tools subscription and decide you don’t need our tools, we promise to refund you in full within the first 14 days of the usage period. Yet, we bet you’ll find them irreplaceable!

Happy selling!