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Looking for Resellers Knowledgeable About Antique and Collectible Books

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I get a couple dozen emails each week from people asking how much their books without an ISBN are worth. Unfortunately, the current  website is only useful for books with an ISBN. The ISBN obviously makes it easy to compare prices from multiple websites. I’m looking at ways to tackle this problem of finding the value of non-ISBN books. However, I don’t have any experience evaluating these types of books. I’d like to get in touch with a few book sellers who are knowledgeable about them and try to put something together. Please send me an email or use the Contact Form if you think that you can provide some insight.

BookScouter on a Television Spot?

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The site had a bit of a jump in traffic over the last two days. I’ve had one email from somebody that noted learning about it on a television spot, so that seems to have been the cause. The extra traffic has caused a little bit of slowness on the site, but not anything too severe.
That is also the first mention of BookScouter on a television program that I’m aware of, so I’d be interested if anybody could provide any details, including what channel and market it was in, or a way to view it online. Article

News & Updates By January 10, 2011 Last Updated on November 4, 2022 by Olivia Smith Tags: No Comments

I was recently interviewed by Kristian Storm for an article on Kristian runs and has been reselling books for many years. His article is intended for book sellers who deal primarily with higher-end collectible books, so he recommends using BookScouter to sell some slow-moving books. The article includes a good review of some of the top vendors that he recommends using as well.
The full article is available at


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