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#1 Site to Sell Used Textbooks

Media, News By February 14, 2015 No Comments

BookScouter affiliate, Kyle Taylor, founder and editor of ThePennyHoarder.com, posted an article today on DailyFinance.com titled, “For an A+ in Selling Used Textbooks, Learn About These Sites“. BookScouter.com was mentioned as the number one resource for selling used textbooks. His excerpt of BookScouter is below.

BookScouter is a great site. I used it to make up to $750 a month selling textbooks, and depending on which books you have at hand, you can make some serious cash.

When you put a book’s ISBN into BookScouter, it scans a bunch of different book reselling sites and displays what each reseller is currently offering for that title. You get to pick the offer you like best and then ship your book directly to that reseller, who pays by PayPal or check.

To get an idea of what these different resellers offer, let’s test a random textbook: the seventh edition of “Principles of Microeconomics,” by N. Gregory Mankiw, ISBN 9781285165905. It was published in January 2014, and its publisher, Cengage Learning, gives $271.95 as the list price.

On, BookScouter, the highest offer came from RentText at $91.55, and the lowest offer was eTextShop at $41.25. Not bad, right? Here’s a little more information about BookScouter:


  • The site compares offers from many different textbook resellers.
  • BookScouter [vendors] pay primarily by PayPal or check.


  • Doesn’t share reseller guidelines on acceptable book condition. Instead, it routes you to the reseller’s website, where you’ll have to search for them. If you send in a book that is determined to be unacceptable, you won’t get paid.
  • According to their FAQ: “BookScouter is not very useful for selling rare, collectible or antique books.”

If you’d like to hear Kyle’s other four recommended sites for selling used textbooks, see the full article on DailyFinance.com. Or, if you want to keep up with other penny-pinching ideas, visit Kyle’s personal site, ThePennyHoarder.com.