Whether you’re a lifelong fan of law television shows or always knew you were meant for the courtroom, you’re finally getting ready to take the National Admissions Test for Law (LNAT). Now the question isn’t, “Do I want to go into law?” Rather, it is, “How do I best prepare for the LNAT?

The best way to prepare for the LNAT is to tailor your study strategy to your needs. To do so, you will need top tier study materials that include helpful testing techniques, practice questions, and full-length practice papers. Don’t waste valuable time searching for study books when someone else has already compiled a list of the best LNAT preparation books in the market.

The Ultimate LNAT Collection

by William Antony, Dr. Rohan Agarwal 

You can’t go wrong with The Ultimate LNAT Collection. It combines three books in one to give you the trifecta of LNAT preparation. Of the three, the first book that this collection includes is The Ultimate LNAT Guide, which dives into test-taking strategies for the multiple choice and essay portions of the LNAT. Knowing what to expect from the exam is half the battle, so this guide is essential to you being mentally prepared for the structure of the exam itself.

The other two books include the LNAT Practice Papers and LNAT Worked Solutions. These have literally hundreds of questions and step-by-step solutions. The worked solutions are provided by experts in the field, which gives you an opportunity to figure out what kinds of questions to expect and exactly how to approach them.

This book covers all the bases and will leave you feeling prepared rather than stressed.

The Ultimate LNAT Guide

by William Antony,Rohan Agarwal

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Going into law can be intimidating, but it’s less intimidating when you feel that you have the critical thinking skills to succeed.The Ultimate LNAT Guide helps you develop the reading comprehension and critical thinking skills you’ll need to get a competitive LNAT score and show that you’re truly prepared to enter this field.

This book has four hundred practice questions that mimic the style of the actual LNAT. That means that you’ll have exposure to almost exactly what you’ll see on the real exam. Adjusting to types of questions is the first hurdle to doing well on the LNAT, so this much exposure is invaluable.

Also, this guide has tips on time-saving strategies and full sample essays, so you’ll know how to take the test efficiently and write the best essays possible.

Mastering the National Admissions Test for Law

by Mark Shepherd

If reading mountains of study material seems overwhelming to you,Mastering the National Admissions Test for Lawis probably a better choice. In only a couple hundred pages, this preparation book will provide the essentials you need to succeed on the LNAT.

You’ll have five practice tests to run through along with sample essays, essay plans, and detailed information about how to approach each section of the test. Rather than sifting through hundreds of practice questions, you’ll get a straightforward guide on what you need to know to get a top score on the LNAT. Once you’ve got the study tips down, you have a few practice tests to get used to the timing and format of the exam.

LNAT Practice Papers Volume One

by Aiden Ang, Dr Rohan Agarwal, UniAdmissions

If you’re worried about not getting enough practice for the LNAT, have no fear—the LNAT Practice Papers has you covered. This book includes over one hundred sample LNAT questions, detailed solutions for each question, and essay plans for the writing portion of the LNAT. Rather than working with general study material and hoping for the best, this book will help you examine LNAT-specific questions and accurately test your skills.

You will be able to do trial runs of the LNAT before ever setting foot in the exam room. This kind of practice will prepare you for the structure as well as the content of the LNAT. By the end, you’ll feel confident enough to not let test day anxiety get in the way of a high score.

Law National Admissions Test (LNAT): Essay Questions and Answers

by How2become

Last but not least, we have the Law National Admissions Test (LNAT): Essay Questions and Answers.This comprehensive study book will point you toward what LNAT graders are looking for, how to best approach your essays, and how to work through the multiple choice section. Rather than covering random tips and tricks, this book is purposeful in its advice while providing practice questions and answers.

After working with this book, you won’t have to guess how your test will be graded. Instead, you’ll know what to expect from the start. In less than two hundred pages, you’ll have a solid foundation of knowledge about how the LNAT is structured, how it will be graded, and how you should approach the multiple-choice questions and essay portions. Again, if you’re overwhelmed by the size of other LNAT test preparation books, this is a good option for you.


While you might be nervous about the time limits, types of essays, or structure of multiple-choice questions on the LNAT, there are plenty of resources to help you approach each of these aspects of the exam. Rather than blindly take the test or inefficiently prepare, consider each of the books on this list.

If you’re especially worried about running out of time on this exam, make sure to borrow or purchase a preparation book that has information on time management techniques. If you’re nervous about what types of questions you’ll encounter, look for books with plenty of practice questions and solutions with full breakdowns of their logic.

Remember, investing in LNAT preparation materials is an investment in yourself. After using the book that best suits your needs, you’ll go into the LNAT feeling confident in your abilities and increase your chances of getting a competitive score.