Affiliate marketers, bloggers, influencers, and BookScouter brand advocates, this blog post is for you! If you’ve been contemplating more effective ways to generate an affiliate income, we’ve got news for you. Our BookScouter Search Box Widget is finally here!

Why is it great news? By adding our search widget to your media channel, you’ll get an opportunity to increase the quality of your content and get a commission from BookScouter. Here is how: if you are writing a book review, your readers might get interested and would like to know the best price for the book. Therefore, they will find it quite convenient to be able to use the BookScouter search box right here and now. In the end, they get the information; you get conversions and affiliate income.

BookScouter is a well-known book price comparison platform where millions of searches are performed every day. We are positive that our Search Box Widget will be a great addition to your blog about books or any website or platform with a book-loving, enthusiastic reading audience.

Introducing the BookScouter Search Box Widget

The BookScouter Search Box Widget is now available to all affiliate members and everyone who wants to add a valuable feature to their media channel.

Benefits for Your Audience

You give your audience the freedom to search for books quickly and efficiently. Once you add a search box to your blog or website, your users will be able to search for book prices right from your blog or website. They enter a book’s ISBN, author, or title in the search box’s search field, click on Search, and get transferred to BookScouter.

Currently, users are transferred to the SELL page where the best buyback price is displayed, but in the nearest future, it will be a page with relevant search results where both BUY and SELL top offers are featured. We’ll implement it into the widget as soon as it’s launched. As for now, the user has an option to navigate between SELL, BUY, and RENT results by clicking on the corresponding tabs or links leading to alternative book pricing information.

Benefits for You

While affiliate links to the main page are traditionally effective, you can get higher user conversion rates due to search relevance and user interaction. Besides, you can keep everything under control: from tracking all the searches and analyzing user activity to planning ways to generate more traffic with different widget placement options. With this widget, you will gain a lot more than you can imagine, as it makes affiliate marketing much more effective.

BookScouter Search Box Widget Features

The BookScouter Search Box may look like your average banner; however, there is much more to it than meets the eye:

  • Efficiency: Search relevance and user interaction help you increase user conversion rate.
  • Convenience: The Search Box widget is easy to embed into your blog or website; you don’t need to have any specific coding knowledge.
  • Customization: You can experiment with widget placement and choose between two visualization options.
  • Preview: You can see what the widget will look like on your blog or website page before publishing it.
  • Search tracking: With your affiliate ID, you can track all the searches and analyze the widget’s effectiveness.

How to Implement

  1. Go to the BookScouter Search Box Widget page.
  2. If you are a member of the BookScouter Affiliate Program, enter your affiliate ID and Company Name (you can find both in the Affiliate Center on LinkTrust).Β 
  3. If you’re not a BookScouter affiliate yet, feel free to apply or just use the search box without an affiliate link.
  4. Now you can customize the search box and preview its layout before publishing.
  5. When you’re done, click on the “Copy Code” button to copy the code and embed it on your website.

Where to Use the Widget

  • If you run a personal blog dedicated to books and reading, you can place the widget on a sidebar so that it can be visible and accessible from any page. The same applies to any other media channel with relevant content: a website, a platform, etc.Β 
  • If your blog covers topics not directly related to books, but you are writing a post on a relevant topic, you can insert the widget directly into the page. By doing so, you help your readers search for the books you may be referring to easier and faster.

Track Performance

We are positive that the BookScouter Search Box Widget is exactly what you and your audience needs. Not only will you provide value to your readers, but you will also generate more affiliate revenue.

You can track everything from your affiliate account on LinkTrust:

  1. Log in to your affiliate account.Β 
  2. Go to “Reports” and select “Campaign Performance.”
  3. Check your ad campaign report.
  4. You can also check other reports (e.g., Daily Breakout, etc.).

Get BookScouter Search Box Widget Now!

Π‘heck our Search Box Widget right away! If you aren’t our affiliate yet, it’s time to become one! At BookScouter, we do our best to be always helpful to both our users and affiliates, and we are sure that the widget will become a tool that will serve its purpose brilliantly!

BookScouter Search Box Widget