Acing your GRE can be pretty intimidating and overwhelming at first, but with the right guidance and resources, it becomes like a piece of cake! However, because of tremendous pressure and less time, gathering effective and comprehensive resources is extremely hard. But to give you peace of mind, we have listed the all-time best books for GRE preparation.

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GRE Complete 2023, 3-Book Set Includes 6 Practice Tests, Online Study Guide, Proven Strategies to Score Higher 

by Kaplan Test Prep

Are you aiming for a super high score?

This all-in-one comprehensive prep book can help you clear your concepts, let you practice thousands of questions and gives you deep secrets and tips about scoring in a GRE that no one tells you about.

This guide contains:

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  • 3 Guide Books
  • Secret Strategies to ace the exam
  • Practice Tests
  • Feedback and Answer Keys

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Official GRE Super Power Pack, Second Edition

by Educational Testing Service

What can be better than studying from a book the official examination board endorsed?

This superpower pack gives you everything from past papers to evaluation exercises and updated study guides! The books have just the right amount of qualitative and analysis questions that assure you have a firm grip on your syllabi.

Once you have got your hands on this book, there’s nothing you could ever need to study for your upcoming GRE.

GRE Prep by Magoosh

by Magoosh, Chris Lele, Mike McGarry

You can blindly trust the Magoosh prep for your GRE preparation in no time. The carefully curated book is made accessible for students on the verge of time and needing to score better.

Generally, this book comprehensively covers all the content of GRE syllabi and has synthetic practices for the students. The Magoosh has introduced wordlists and other useful resources that guarantee a decent score.

The Magoosh books have harder practice tests and exercises to ensure that you are well-equipped for any sort of question in the exam.

Princeton Review GRE Premium Prep, 2022: 7 Practice Tests + Review Techniques + Online Tools (2022) (Graduate School Test Preparation) 

by The Princeton Review

Since 1981, The Princeton Review’s specialists have been assisting students, parents, and teachers in achieving the greatest outcomes possible throughout the educational process. In addition to providing professional guidance and teaching to help parents, instructors, students, and schools negotiate the challenges of the school entrance; The Princeton Review has assisted millions of students in succeeding on standardized examinations. The Princeton Review also provides online and school-based courses, one-on-one and small-group tutoring, and online services in admission counseling and academic homework aid, in addition to classroom courses in more than 40 states and 20 countries.

Book of GRE Practice Problems Problems on All Subjects

by Manhattan Prep

Knowledgeable teachers created the GRE  prep book’s problems, which are logically arranged into practice sets and identical in substance, shape, and style to those on the actual GRE. Through focused practice, students may improve their verbal and quantitative foundational abilities. Clear explanations and step-by-step applications can help them better comprehend the ideas examined in the GRE. Additionally, students may advance their preparation with learning modules from our ground-breaking interactive, on-demand learning platform, Interact® for GRE.

It features 1,800 practice questions covering every exam subject

You may assess your learning in all areas with new mixed-time tasks, a cheat sheet of essential math concepts, and micro drills.

GRE Vocabulary Flashcards

by Kaplan Test Prep

Vocabulary wins the game in GREs, and keeping yourself updated with the latest English vocabulary and the frequent words in the examinations is essential. Going through the lists of frequent words will emboss them in your memory and help using them in your sentences.

Plenty of flashcards and lists are available for GRE aspirants, and you can choose the best ones. However, Magoosh flashcards are updated, easy to use and, guess what, FREE of cost!

Manhattan Prep GRE Set of 8 Strategy Guides

by Manhattan Prep

Manhattan guide is one of the most reputable and trustworthy preparation guides in the GRE industry. From vocabulary or qualitative questions and reasonings, there’s nothing this prep set doesn’t cover.

The field’s top experts prepare the set to provide the ultimate experience to the students.

GRE Essential Words 

by  Philip Geer Ed.M. 

Success on the Graduate Record Exam requires having a large working vocabulary. This well-known resource offers definitions for 800 terms with college-graduate-level proficiency that regularly appear on exams. To assist readers in identifying their strengths and limitations, the book opens with a pre-test. Other characteristics include:

  • A description of the many Verbal Reasoning test question types
  • For all word lists, there are matching and sentence completion tasks.
  • An examination of keyword origins
  • Suggested study schedules, among other things.
  • A post-test is included at the end of the book to gauge improvement. All activities and questions on the pre-and post-test have answers available.

 5 lb. Book of GRE Practice Problems

by Manhattan Prep

This book is an absolute blockbuster for GRE aspirants; getting one of these will assure you great scores!

5 lb. of Manhattan preps For students of any level getting ready for the GRE updated General Exam, this GRE prep book Practice Problems is a crucial tool. This book contains more than 1,800 questions spread throughout 33 chapters and online to give students thorough practice. It was recently revised to represent the subtleties of the GRE more accurately.

GRE Vocabulary Flashcards + App

by Kaplan Test Prep

If you are a digital learner, app flashcards are the best way to go. Download the app and take your vocab list wherever you go!

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