Itching to read a good page-turner? Just finish the final book in a multi-volume series? Need to make a vetted suggestion for your next book club? Here are five great book ideas on how to find your next read…

1. Goodreads and BookRiot

BookScouter has just formed a partnership with Goodreads which is a popular destination for finding book reading recommendations. Whenever you wonder what to read next, you can check this website. Simply tell them what books you’ve enjoyed reading in the past and they will present you with some great options. And you can link socially to friends and family to see what they’re reading or search through their book reviews.

The beauty of the BookScouter partnership is you can add us as a preferred “store” (under the account settings Book Links tab) when you find a book you want to buy and it will link to our site to search for the best price through our large offering of online vendors. 

BookRiot is another great spot to find book recommendations. They are the largest independent editorial site in the U.S. and focus on covering a wide range of diverse readers. They have podcasts, blogs, or you can sign-up for more personalized recommendations and exclusive content. Their EPIC BOOK READ is a quarterly book club with options for short stories, novels and epic reads for a low monthly price. 

2. Literary Award Lists

Award lists are a good go-to for finding a book. National and international lists appear annually such as the Pulitzer, Nobel, Booker, Newbery, and many more.  And you can challenge yourself to complete an award list by going back decades to find selections. Or you can select award lists based upon a favorite genre to find the best Sci-Fi offerings for example. Likewise, you can view lists based on sales such as the New York Times Bestsellers list. 

3. Book Club

Another great way to find a good book suggestion is to join a book club. Often a book club will challenge members to try offerings outside their standard selections. And because you want to join in the discussions there is a motivation to finish the book. You can find book clubs at local libraries, online, in Facebook groups, or start your own with a group of friends or associates. Here is a list of 10 Virtual Book Clubs You Can Join Now—And How to Start Your Own.

4. Friends and Connections 

Don’t be afraid to work your connections. Hit up friends and family who are readers. Notice when someone mentions a book on social media and jot it down for later. Follow the hashtag #bookstagram on Instagram. Have a favorite guru? Often they produce reading lists you can find online, just like these recommendations below. 

5. Cover Matters

And finally, our last idea for finding book recommendations is to judge a book by its cover. Browse a library or bookstore, view covers online, and see what catches your eye then read a synopsis or review. You might capture your mood that day and find inspiration from a cover that resonates with you at the moment. 

So What Book to Read Next?

We hope that the question “What books should I read next?” will never bother you again. With so many books out there in the world and lots of exciting new releases being published every year from new authors, it may sometimes even seem that there are too many books but too little time. But now you know where to look for the next book to read. Happy Hunting and good luck employing these great book ideas!