Summer is officially here and though it might look different, that only emphasizes why you deserve an escape into a great book. Are you ready to dive into an engaging read, but need some direction? Look no further!  We have compiled six ideas to help you find what to read next this summer!

Summer Reading List to Imagine Yourself on a Beach

So maybe you can’t get to the beach this year. Recreate the feeling at home. Lean back on that chaise lounge, sip a cold drink and peruse these books that will take you away from it all:

what to read next summer on a beach
The beach is an iconic summer reading spot, but be open to other options this year.

Award-Winning Best Summer Reads 2021

If beach reading fare is not for you, perhaps, you should elevate your search. There are plenty of award-winning options to select for fiction or nonfiction amongst lists for major book awards some found on these lists: 

Must-Read Books to Read This Summer

Perhaps you’ve seen trending topics in the news and want to dig deeper into the one that interests you. Topics might include politics, medicine, current events, or history to keep you informed. You can find some ideas here:

Cross the Finish Line!

Are there any book series you haven’t completed yet? Don’t leave your favorite characters hanging! Or if you’ve finished a series, find another one to binge-read through with inspiration from these lists:

Find Your Next Summer Read
Find some shade to stretch out and read.

Good Summer Reads from the Silver Screen

Hollywood has long sought inspiration for movies from books. See if any of your favorites are also a book and judge how well the movie portrayed characters, locations and stayed true to the author’s work. Here is a list of the best books turned movies:

Best Foot Forward

Getting ahead for school or work may not seem fun during your summer, but reading now to prepare yourself for a busy fall semester or to advance yourself at work is never a wrong idea. Doing it ahead of time lets you take your time to ponder the themes and be better prepared for a discussion or test. Tip: take some good annotated notes to refresh yourself on the key points months later. Learn how here:

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No matter the type of book you select, we are confident that when you begin to read, it will feel like summer has finally arrived!