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12 Essential Tips for Freshmen on How to Adjust to College Life

Study tips By October 1, 2019 Last Updated on July 21, 2022 by Crystal Koenig Tags: No Comments

Starting college is exciting! Most people have been planning and dreaming about college for years. But when it’s finally time to move onto campus and start a college career, some students are surprised to feel overwhelmed or adrift. Don’t fret – it is normal to have a few hiccups in the beginning, and we’ve gathered some tips on how to adjust to college life!

The Best Personality Tests to Help You With Your Career-blog

Finding The Best Personality Test for Career

Study tips By September 23, 2019 Last Updated on June 27, 2022 by Olivia Smith Tags: , No Comments

Personality tests for college students are ubiquitous. Most incoming students are bombarded with a deluge of tests among the welcome week activities, leadership retreats, and club meetings during the first few months of the academic year. While fun to take, is there the best personality test for career useful for college students? Are any of these tests offer something more than just a novel way to classify and describe yourself? Here are five tests that you can actually rely on when trying to identify your interests and career choices.

The Best Playlists, Podcasts, and Audiobooks to Keep You Company On Your Road Trip Back to School

The Best Audiobooks and Podcasts to Listen to While Driving Back to School

Study tips By August 26, 2019 Last Updated on June 27, 2022 by Olivia Smith Tags: , No Comments

The end of summer can bring mixed emotions. From the excitement of starting a new semester and reuniting with friends to bittersweet feelings about the conclusion of a carefree summer, it’s that time of year where students have to pack up their possessions in the trunk of a car (don’t forget your shower shoes!) and set off for another year of college. To avoid the monotony of a long drive (and to prevent your parents from going over your dorm packing list yet again), here are the top audiobooks and podcasts to listen to while driving back to college! 


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