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Jason Goodman about a Tasty Healthy Snack Grabanzos — The Studentpreneur Show

Personal finance By March 30, 2020 Tags: No Comments

On this episode of The Studentpreneur Show, we speak with Jason Goodman, a current business owner and Cornell student. Jason and his peers worked on the idea to develop a delicious and healthy snack while in a product-development class. Together, they created Grabanzos, a crunchy, chocolate-covered snack. In this interview, Taegan and Jason discuss how to work with retailers, what you can do as a business owner to encourage communication between employees, and the importance of curiosity when building or working with a start-up.

A Local Business Supporting Local Businesses — The Studentpreneur Show With CarGo

Personal finance By March 23, 2020 Tags: No Comments

On this episode of The Studentpreneur Show, we hear from Kennon and Amber of carGO. Kennon works within the company and serves as the head of the branch in Springfield, Missouri, while Amber is a Missouri State University senior who is a top sales lead and a driver. CarGO is a rideshare as well as a food and alcohol delivery service based in Missouri.

Changing the Enterprise World with VR - With Visos CEO, Matt Shumer

Visos CEO, Matt Shumer on Changing the Enterprise World with VR — The Studentpreneur Show Episode

Personal finance By March 17, 2020 Tags: No Comments

On this episode of The Studentpreneur Show, we speak with Matt Shumer, CEO of Visos. Visos is a virtual reality (VR) company developing technology to help with industrial training, education, medical simulations, and design.

Current VR headsets are not built for enterprise purposes. Many headsets available are either “too expensive and difficult to use, or lack the visual quality needed to run enterprise-level simulations.” Visos aims to address that gap.

Listen along as Taegan and Matt also talk about the reality of working with investors, using college resources, and balancing life as a CEO and college student.

how can i make money studying art

15 Side Hustle Ideas for Humanities Students

Personal finance By December 2, 2019 Tags: , No Comments

The Humanities are a large field, including subjects as widespread as theater, visual arts, film, music, English language and literature, history, and foreign languages. If you’re studying the Humanities, you have probably had someone ask you how you plan to make money with that degree. Someone inconsiderate may have even mocked your degree because it doesn’t necessarily include “transferable skills” like some others (e.g. math or biology). But what they don’t realize (and what you may not even realize yourself) is that you have developed plenty of really useful skills – skills that can score you some cash and an incredibly fulling career.


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