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All You Need to Know about Instructor Edition Textbooks: Buying, Using, and Selling

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You’ve definitely encountered phrases like “Instructor Edition Textbooks” or “Teacher’s Edition Textbooks” when hunting for affordable books for college. Let’s figure out what this whole thing is about and answer the most pressing questions: are these kinds of faculty textbooks the same? Is selling instructor edition textbooks illegal? Do instructor edition textbooks have content identical to student editions? 


What’s Cookin’? Selling an Expensive Cookbook Can Heat Up Some Cash

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It’s the time of year for a lot of holiday cooking and baking. As you dust off an old cookbook and consider letting it go to make extra space, you might want to first check to see the current value. If it’s really old, you may want to have it appraised by an antique book dealer.

You might decide to hold on to your vintage cookbooks and then pass them down to a family member. Perhaps you come across a rare find — a really expensive cookbook — and decide to sell it. Or you might decide that a vintage cookbook would make a thoughtful gift for a cook or collector you know. 

Six strategies to sell your college textbooks

Six Strategies to Successfully Sell College Textbooks

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The semester is wrapping up and you are preparing for final exams. Yes, that keeps you very busy, but don’t let the semester end just yet. You need to sell college textbooks! Why? You have gotten the most out of your textbooks the semester. Now it’s time to let them go, and earn some money along the way. 

The Three Best Times to Sell Textbooks

The Three Best Times To Sell Textbooks

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Timing is important for many things. From delivering a good joke to asking for a raise, mastering the timing is half the work. So when it comes to selling your textbooks, we want to equip you with time-tested wisdom for when to make the sale.

You don’t need to worry about the “when?” question anymore. Our team has been monitoring the best times to sell your textbooks for high sell rates and higher price points since we started in 2007.

Here is what we’ve learned over the past ten plus years about timing:


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