BookScouter Affiliate Program

Not so long ago, we had a website redesign, and we are happy to share another piece of great news with you! We are excited to announce an update to BookScouter Affiliate Program: we’ve launched a web page with the program details for potential members and implemented a few additional promotional options for affiliates.

In this article, we’re covering all Q&As regarding our affiliate program and what’s new.

What Is an Affiliate?

An affiliate is someone who earns a commission by promoting products or services made by another person or company. Nowadays, affiliate marketing mostly takes place online.

How Does BookScouter Affiliate Program Work?

The mechanics behind earning with the BookScouter Affiliate marketing program is simple and straightforward. You have a website, blog, or another media channel with loads of traffic. We help you monetize this traffic.


All you have to do is share affiliate links to BookScouter with your audience. The more conversions you have, the more you earn.

How BookScouter Affiliate Program Works

After we review and approve your application, you get your affiliate ID and access to your personal account on LinkTrust affiliate software platform, where you can

  • Analyze traffic dataย 
  • Utilize various creatives (e.g., banners) for promotion
  • Connect with a personal manager

Link Trust Affiliate Center

How to Become a BookScouter Affiliate?

If you are an avid reader and an enthusiastic blogger who writes about books, have an Instagram account where you share book reviews, run an online shop or platform with a similar target audience, or are a library or private school representative working for the marketing department, we welcome you to participate in our affiliate program!ย 

As a price comparison platform with a focus on books, we prefer to have affiliate partners with related content; however, we are also interested in trusted blogs or websites with unrelated but high-quality and valuable content.

We have high standards, so we do not partner with any resources with questionable content or mass marketing media. We don’t do paid advertising, and we only work with U.S. blogs and websites.

To become a BookScouter affiliate, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Apply via Typeform and answer a few questions that help us understand your business model better, evaluate traffic potential, and see how you plan to promote BookScouter.
  2. Wait for your application to be approved.
  3. Get your affiliate ID and LinkTrust account and start generating referral links.
  4. Watch how the links work and you earn!

How Much Do Affiliates Earn?

Our rate of $1 per conversion, and our average BookScouter affiliate earns about $500 and more a month. All in all, the income you will receive will be proportional to the volume of sales and purchases generated by the traffic you send to our domain. So, the sky is the limit, right? Our affiliates get payments on or about the 15th of every month for the previous month.

Whatโ€™s New in BookScouter Affiliate Program?

We’ve launched a landing page where you can find exhaustive information about our affiliate programโ€”BookScouter Affiliate Program.

Also, our affiliate partners will have access to freshly updated creatives and three new banner sets they can use in the promotion campaigns:

BookScouter banner ads

Finally, the BookScouter Search Widget will be available to all affiliates very soonโ€”it can be added anywhere on a blog or website, and it helps search for book prices fast. Users will be able to check purchase and buyback prices by entering a book’s ISBN, author, or title right on your website. And when they click the Search button, they will be transferred directly to the page with relevant search results on BookScouter. You’ll get higher conversion rates due to search relevance and user interaction. Moreover, you’ll be able to track all the searches with your affiliate ID, analyze your activity, and experiment with widget placement options to find ways to generate more traffic!

BookScouter Search Box Widget

Become BookScouter Affiliate!

Now that you know all the details, it’s time to send us your application. Become our affiliate and start earning! Let your blog about books become a place where you can earn, not just write about books for fun. We are sure that it will be a fruitful collaboration where everyone wins!