To help you succeed in your language goals, we have summarized the 5 best Spanish textbooks we think should be on your shopping list this semester.

Vistas 6th Ed, Looseleaf Student Edition with Supersite Plus and WebSAM  

 José A. Blanco, Philip Redwine Donley 

Practice and improve your grammar and vocabulary through a range of interactive activities. Use the book and online platform in conjunction to experience an immersive learning journey to help you speed through the material and actually remember it.  

Full of engaging, motivating, and informative media and activities to keep you on task for longer. This introductory book gives students the confidence to take their learning further and the cultural understanding to successfully express their knowledge to others.

The 6th edition of Vistas includes several new videos and panorama videos that showcase Spanish culture as well as new exciting readings, music, and a complete re-design and layout. 

Arriba! – MySpanishLab (One Semester) – 7th edition  

Eduardo Zayas-Bazan, Susan M. Bacon, Holly Nibert 

Take advantage of a variety of different learning environments with Arriba! – My Spanish Lab. Obviously, you learn best when a traditional textbook meets online learning in one package. Consistently producing exciting and motivating content, this 7th edition builds on topics visited previously.  

The “prefiles” expand to introduce new cultures in the Hispanic world and enable students to experience Spanish from a new perspective. Check your progress in the new section, ” Cuanto saben?” And take part in a range of activities and role-play situations to further embed your learning. 

Start to understand how Spanish is integrated into everyday life and see its presence within your local community. Use the “Presencia hispana” notes section for more information.  

This book also contains simple, clear grammar explanations and many relevant practical activities to bring Spanish to life and make learning the language and culture effortless. 

HarperCollins Student Notebook Spanish Dictionary – 04 edition  

HarperCollins Publishers Ltd. Staff 

When learning a new language, it’s essential to have a good dictionary that makes looking up words quickly and easily. The Harper Collins Spanish dictionary has over 65,000 translations. It enables you to translate Spanish to English and English to Spanish, making this the must-have dictionary to speed up learning and help you become fluent in Spanish.  

This dictionary is perfect for helping with homework, using it in classes, and supporting anyone learning the Spanish language, whether you are a beginner learning your first few words or consider yourself an expert and just want to check up on different words. 

Workbook in Everyday Spanish: Comprehensive Grammar Review – 4th edition  

Julio I.Andujar, Robert J. Dixson  

Combining two volumes, the 4th edition of Workbook in Everyday Spanish is now easier than ever to access and use to propel your learning to the next level. Use this book to review your grammar, vocabulary, and sentences to ensure you are developing perfect Spanish every time.  

Gently guiding students through their studies with key explanations in English and giving relatable examples during activities. Topics are logically sequenced to build on prior learning, developing the Spanish language in record time. 

This book can be used as a standalone text to help improve your grammar and acquisition of the Spanish language, or it can be used as part of formal learning giving focus to specific grammatical structures with easy-to-follow explanations. Each lesson is also presented on one- or two pages helps to make information digestible. 

This book also has handy tear-out pages to enable teachers to collect exercises for marking and set homework activities. Making this the must-have book for any classroom setting. 

Hellstar Remina (Spanish Edition) 

Junji Ito’s  

Surprised? Put your Spanish to the test and read this Japanese fantasy novel. Learn new words as you piece together the story in your new language, building from existing knowledge and developing excellent skills in understanding the Spanish language. 

Set in Japan, this story is one man’s discovery of a new planet, emerging from a wormhole. After naming the planet after his daughter ‘Remina’ both her and the planet rise to fame. As the planet speeds through space Dr. Oguro, who discovered the planet sees it traveling faster and faster, seemingly eradicating planets and stars in its path. Disaster strikes as the planet tracks a course towards Earth, is the world as we know it doomed? 

Filled with general horror and aliens such as Eldritch Abominations, this novel follows the same genre and themes as Junji Ito’s other works.