Do you have used novels or textbooks taking up space in your home that need to be sold? Navigating today’s online marketplace can be tricky, especially for first-time sellers. Here’s what you need to know about the best websites to sell books in 2021.

1. BookScouter

If you want to sell books online, BookScouter is one of the best options for you. When it was first launched, its main purpose was to help selling textbooks for the best price, but now, with 30+ vendors integrated into the platform, it helps find the best offers for buying and selling used books, too.

BookScouter is unique from the other booksellers on this list because it actually helps connect you with vendors who are looking to buy the specific textbook you are selling. Instead of just posting a listing and waiting for someone to purchase, BookScouter searches their database of over 30 vendors and finds which are looking to buy the book. You can actually compare the textbook buyback prices, making sure that you are making the most amount of money for your sale.

Not only have these buyers been vetted by BookScouter, you can leave verified reviews and ratings on each vendor which are publicly displayed, meaning that this avenue is safer for sellers as it is not full of bogus reviews. Additionally, when selling to vendors listed on BookScouter shipping is totally free and all buying and selling decision making process can be done from the website or app, both of which are clearly designed and easily understandable for online bookseller veterans and beginners alike.

As an added benefit, BookScouter sponsors a $500 quarterly textbook scholarship for college students.

2. eBay

Though it has lost popularity due to its auction-based sales and the appearance of more popular reselling apps, eBay is still a solid option for those looking to sell books online in 2021. However, eBay is not the best place to sell textbooks because auctions often lead to sellers being low-balled, resulting in a loss of profit.

That being said, if you are looking to sell rare books or books that can be considered collectors items, choosing to list these items via eBay auctions can be very profitable, especially if these books are in high demand.

Your first 50 listings on eBay are free, but for any sales after that will be charged a small fee, which may be detrimental to profits depending on how much money your items sell for. Additionally, you have to pay for your own shipping.

For eBay newbies, the online website can be overwhelming, as it is a large marketplace that requires a bit of a learning curve. On the other hand, the eBay mobile app is a bit more straightforward.

3. Amazon

Amazon has become the world’s online marketplace and is an absolute behemoth, which is both a good and a bad thing if you are looking to sell books online.

The only way to sell books via Amazon is to sell directly to buyers and make sales yourself. The Amazon textbook trade-in program that quickly became popular among students was shut down without notice or explanation in 2020. Now you have to create a seller account and add listings for your books, personally setting the price, rather than accepting whatever Amazon offers you. This option has the potential to be more lucrative than the first, as you have more control over your earnings. However, it is a bit more time consuming and the competition is steep — depending on the price and condition of your books, they may sell quickly or not at all — and you have to pay for your own shipping.

Due to the fact that Amazon is such a huge conglomerate, it is not the best avenue to sell books in 2021. When selling directly to buyers on Amazon, you likely will have a tough time making a sale due to the sheer number of sellers on the site — many of whom are willing to sell the same books for a fraction of what you might charge.

4. Chegg

Chegg used to be the best place to sell your old textbooks and make a profit. It featured fair prices and free shipping for the textbooks purchased. Unfortunately, not anymore. As of 2021, Chegg no longer purchases books, instead sending you to GoTextbooks as an alternative.

Even worse, GoTextbooks is not a good alternative to Chegg’s now-defunct textbook buying program, as the website has earned itself a number of negative reviews from unhappy customers. Definitely skip GoTextbooks on your search for the best website to sell your used books.

5. AbeBooks

Despite selling books for over ten years, AbeBooks is somewhat of a newcomer in the online book-selling scene in terms of popularity, but it has cemented itself as a great place to buy and sell books, including textbooks.

If the company name did not already give it away, AbeBooks is a website dedicated to buying and selling books, unlike larger reselling sites like eBay or Amazon. This is a bonus because customers are actively searching for your products: books!

You can’t sell directly to AbeBooks, so you will need to do the legwork yourself in order to make a sale. Additionally, AbeBooks largest focus is on works of fiction, nonfiction, and rare books — if you are selling these kinds of items AbeBooks is a great marketplace — but it is not the best website if you want to sell textbooks.

The website itself is a bit confusing, but is thorough as it classifies books in many different ways, including condition, binding type, genre, and collection attributes. Unfortunately, AbeBooks does not have an app.

Still unsure of what website to use to sell your books? Compare and contrast the important information.



eBay Amazon AbeBooks
Mobile App Yes Yes Yes No
Sell Directly to Site No No No No
Focus on Textbooks Yes No No No
Free Shipping Yes No


Best Websites to Sell Books in 2021 – Comparison Table


Books are one of the most difficult items to sell online, as most buyers want new or rare editions, but there are plenty of websites that will make it easier.

For fiction or nonfiction novels, your best bet is to use AbeBooks, though its lack of an app and free shipping is a big drawback.

For textbooks, BookScouter is by far the best website to use, as the website and mobile app are easily navigable, they offer free shipping for all sellers, and their direct-to-vendor ensures that you won’t have to wait around for a buyer and you will earn profit on your book.