Whether you are new to BookScouter or are a veteran, you always have new opportunities to get the most out of BookScouter. 

Our team has strategically designed different features and expanded user platforms to make your experience profitable and user-friendly.

Check out all the ways you can get the most out of your free BookScouter account:


Check every book’s ISBN number on BookScouter before you buy, rent, or sell. The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a numeric way to identify books. Each one is either 10 or 13 characters long and is unique. You can often find the ISBN in several locations on the book. First, you can see it on the copyright page near the front of the book. It is likely that you can also find it near the barcode.

Utilize BookScouter Platforms

BookScouter online, The App for iOS and Android, and Alexa are all great platforms. Seriously, use all three! If you’re out and about at a thrifted book store, check the ISBN number using the App. If you’re enjoying time at home and don’t want to look on a screen, ask Alexa to lookup the ISBN on BookScouter for you.


Since feedback helps us improve your experience, leave reviews on the vendors you use via BookScouter. You can email us at support@bookscouter.com.

The Blog

Read our tips and blogs for resources. Find years of tips, tricks, and updates HERE. We have tons of great tips and resources for you.


Last, but certainly not least, apply for BookScouter’s quarterly $500 Textbook Scholarship! What are you waiting for? Apply today!

Another way to get the most out of BookScouter is to go Pro!

Pro is right for you if you use BookScouter often (aka more than just once or twice a semester).

BookScouter Pro comes with these amazing tools:


View more detailed pricing information from our buy and sell vendors to identify potential deals. This is a great foundation for your buyback strategy. 

Bulk Price Lookups

Look up buyback prices for hundreds or thousands of books on one screen. You can review up to 10,000 ISBNs in 24 hours! This lookup tool is in real time. The benefit is accurate, bulk information! Keep in mind this large of a list can take some time to upload. Thanks for your patience.

Recently Searched High Volume Books

Check out the current, popular book list. You can view BookScouter users search for books from the past 14 days. Now, we have hundreds of thousands of users. Maybe you have a book that someone is looking for. You can also narrow your search by selecting a minimum and maximum buyback price.

Historical Buyback Price Lookup

Review the buyback price history for a given ISBN. Identify season pricing and trends so you can strategically sell your books for the most profit.

Pro is currently available for a monthly fee of $29.99. Ready to become a pro? CLICK HERE.

Above all, we hope you make and save lots of money with BookScouter.