It’s not crazy to want some money for selling textbooks! TextbookManiac is here to put cash in your pockets, and their four and a half star rating helps. Explore its services to sell and buy textbooks!

Meet the Merchant of the Month — TextbookManiac

BookScouter has a host of merchants, ranging from Preferred Vendors to Normal Vendors and vendors only offered to BookScouter Pro users. We have vetted these vendors to find ones that offer booksellers the best experience. We want to show our appreciation for our vendors by highlighting the companies with great services and high customer satisfaction.

Crazy About Selling Textbooks

The vendor highlight for the next few weeks is TextbookManiac. Started by former college students, the company has been in the book buying biz for more than ten years. All shipping is free through USPS, no minimum sale prices. The company works with students, faculty, people cleaning out their houses, and professional booksellers. Professional booksellers who sell in bulk can contact the company to receive special services and premium pricing.

TextbookManiac also reminds customers to check their book for black tape because it often obscures the fact that the book is an instructor’s edition. If you have any questions about which books they accept, take a look at their guideline page. BookScouter’s review page contains very positive reviews of TextbookManiac, with a great score of four and a half out of five stars.