TED connects a global community with 18-minute or less talks from leaders in Technology, Engineering, and Design. TED began as a singular conference in 1984 and expanded to feature numerous international conferences and local gatherings (TEDx talks) today. TED is a non-profit, nonpartisan organization. Their mission is to spread free knowledge covering all topics — including science, education, and social issues — to inspire and engage others. Its content has expanded over the years to include numerous topics, and it currently broadcasts in more than 100 languages.

I love learning about subjects through TED talks I would not encounter otherwise. As much as I try to expand my knowledge, I tend to return to my favorite topic: books. Thankfully, TED contains plenty of talks about my favorite subject.

Here’s a list of my favorite TED talks about books, in no particular order.

Wisdom from Great Writers on Every Year of Life

by Joshua Prager

Duration: 6:01

My year reading a book from every country in the world

by Ann Morgan

Duration: 12:03

Why a good book is a secret door

by Mac Barnett

Duration: 16:59

For these women, reading is a daring act

by Laura Boushnak

Duration: 5:05

How books can open your mind

by Lisa Bu

Duration: 6:16

Designing books is no laughing matter. OK, it is.

by Chip Kidd

Duration: 17:16

3 ways to speak English

by Jamila Lyiscott

Duration: 4:29

Old books reborn as art

by Brian Dettmer

Duration: 6:06

Behind the design of Seattle’s library

by Joshua Prince-Ramus

Duration: 19:58

What we learned from 5 million books

by Jean-Baptiste Michel and Erez Lieberman Aiden

Duration: 14:08