This week, I wanted to give a more detailed review of the BookScouter Android Application and explain how you can use it to buy inexpensive books and resell them for a good profit. The app performs the same basic functions as the website, but since you can use it anywhere, it’s the perfect tool for retail arbitrage with the millions of books that can be readily found. The BookScouter App can scan barcodes using the device’s camera in real time. By adding a Bluetooth barcode scanner, it can use the Serial Magic App to speed up the process significantly. After the barcode is scanned, the app displays the prices that preferred vendors on will pay you for the book as soon as they receive it. All of these companies pay for the shipping, so there are no more costs to you other than the price of the book.

I took a little trip to two local thrift shops to search for books to resell at a profit. Using the BookScouter App, I scanned a good number of the stores’ books. I found newer text books to be the most profitable, so I focused my search around those. After an hour of hunting, I found six items that I could buy for $0.50 to $4.00, and which I could immediately resell for prices between $5 and $33. I spent $15 on four text books and two health food books. After selling my items, I am set to gain a margin profit of $100.

The BookScouter Android Application runs on any compatible device. It requires internet connectivity to function and can be installed by searching for “BookScouter” in the Android Marketplace.