Moola4Books™ is an online book buying service owned and operated by Avenue Book & Co., located in Fort Wayne Indiana.

BookScouter strongly recommends against doing business with due to the excessive number and nature of complaints reported on this site. The complaints received on are consistent with other organizations including their D- rating at the BBB

If you are having trouble getting paid for books that you have sent to the company, you may consider filing a complaint with the Indiana Attorney General's office

2905 Reynolds Street
Fort Wayne, IN 46803

Moola4Books is a registered trademark of Surplus Town, LLC

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Jul 2013 If it were possible I'd give this company no stars. This is a major scam!
May 2013 I should have reviewed this site before I attempted to do business with this company. If anyone received payment, it is quite obvious to any intelligent person that it is absolutely luck. This company lacks business integrity. I recieved an email validating the acceptable condition of my books, and informing me that payment would be made. I have made several attempts to reach them. The first email was answered and I was told that someone would get back to me regarding the payment. Since then, I have not even received the courtesy of a response. I am going to file a complaint with the Indiana Attorney's office.