Logo textbook trade-in program allows you to trade in your used books for Amazon gift cards. Books must be in good condition and payment is made only by gift card

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Dec 2014 Amazon was my first experience with selling books in this manner. I had a good experience. These are the pros and cons in my opinion...
Pro: They paid me the very same day that my books arrived at their facility and they paid the same amount originally quoted.
Con: They only pay in Amazon gift certificates, which might be a drawback for some folks. I also discovered after the fact that some of the books that I sold Amazon were being bought at much higher rates by other vendors and that is actually how I discovered Bookscouter. I found that several of the Amazon buyback prices were similar to other vendors, but I was disappointed to learn that a couple prices were 40% lower. Depending on your shipping preference, I believe Amazon is limited to either UPS or USPS (for free shipping) and not Fedex, which for me doesn't make a whole lot of difference, but it may matter to others.
Nov 2014 Negative comments here are simply a result of user error. If you ever have questions about a trade in, use the chat feature and contact customer service. Simply scroll to the bottom of any page on Amazon and click "Help". You can select that you have a question about a trade in and then chat with a rep. In EVERY SINGLE instance, they have provided me with tracking information on an item that has been returned to me. They always ship UPS, which is going above and beyond, considering I only know of one other sell back company that even sends books back at their expense if they don't meet standards. Gift cards are applied usually within a week of delivery. I've never had a single issue with them. If you don't know how to navigate Amazon to use customer service, I can see why you'd have a problem. I've even contacted them about buybacks that show delivered and I have not been paid for and the rep will credit my account right then and there. Try going through the right channels before leaving poor reviews.
Sep 2014 I have sent many books to Amazon. Only once have I disagreed with there rejection. Customer service is first rate, and the free returning of a rejected book is unmatched by any buyer.

So, ship your books with confidence.
Sep 2014 Got full quoted amount. The only thing I don't like is the whole process is so SLOW! The tracking status shows they have received my books. I had been waiting for one week since they got my books, but no further responses. Until I reached the customer service, they finally paid me.
Mar 2014 Extremely slow. Amazon used to be very quick on payment, the last two times have taken weeks. I now have one order that has expired even though it shows being delivered to them 28 days ago! Hard to contact to find any information. Not sure if I will be paid for these or not.
Feb 2014 Amazon is setting high standards for the online book buying experience. Their packing slip is the best in the industry right now. It is logical, concise and formatted so only 1 page prints. They ship your book(s) via UPS which allows for $ 100 value per package and is more reliable and quicker than USPS. Their communication is excellent and they return rejects to you at their expense. Amazon is acting with honor and ethics, they're doing this very well.
Jan 2014 Even though Amazon isn't always the best price, I've never had a problem with the books I've submitted. Was credited quickly, and use my credits to purchase new textbooks for either my husband or my son. I like that they will return books on their dime if they don't accept them for some reason. Though that has never happened to me. I also like that there is no minimum that you have to meet. Have had that on other websites, and had to go elsewhere because I couldn't make the minimum.
Nov 2013 I have used Amazon over a hundred times and I have never had a problem. The best part about Amazon is that they will return the book to you for free if there is a problem with it.
Jul 2013 I have nothing but negative experiences. My two books sent out on on June 12. Received by third-party on June 16 and processed on 26. On 30 I called Amazon. They said one was sent back to me. ( no any update on my website)Today July, 11 I still not have received it back. The other one had been processes for 25 days that update change to Expired ???? What. Of course Amazon has no clue what does mean. And because they do not know what to say. They told me to wait for few more days. bal bla . Never again!!!!
Apr 2013 I've never had any trouble with Amazon. They're consistently the easiest clearinghouse to work with, and they return books for free if they don't accept them (which I've never had happen even after dozens of used-book purchases).
Mar 2013 I am utterly disgusted!
This company promises for you to be able to pay your Amazon credit card balance utilizing the gift cards you get in exchange for selling them the books. When you get the "gift card" then they say you cannot do it and they can only be applied to shop at amazon. way to go for false advertisement!
Mar 2013 Reliable and dependable. Only one to return your book if it does not grade out.
Feb 2013 Tried and true!
Jan 2013 I decided to take a chance on Amazon Buyback/trade-in. I have never done any of this type of trade-ins, sell back or buyback services. It went well for me surprisingly. I was quoted $80 and I just received an email now that my trade-in has been processed and received. Remember, Amazon trade you back with an Amazon GIFT CARD (not cash/check/paypal), which I believe we can only use at That doesn't bother me because I shop at Amazon anyways so it works out. I bought this used textbook elsewhere, and it was cheaper than the quote from Amazon so I am happy I "profited."

Amazon paid for the shipping (and for the return if your book is not in the condition they want). People who are familiar with this process, you print out that shipping label from their website. I secured my box safely and mailed it via USPS. Amazon received it 10 days later. Although it was tracked that it was received, I think they ship it to a third party so it was 10 days plus an additional week.. so about total of three weeks to receive confirmation that everything is OK.

I hope this helps anyone who was curious like I was.
Jan 2013 I have been waiting for three months for a trade-in to be "processed." I probably will not use Amazon again.
Jan 2013 Amazon does not actually buy the books back. Instead, you ship the books to Amazon, which in turn ships the books to a 3rd party vendor. You receive payment in the form of an Amazon gift card.

This system has significant drawbacks. I shipped my books to Amazon and the shipping tracker marked them as received. However, at this point the books are not considered to be received by Amazon. Only when the third party accepts the books are they considered received, and the order is automatically cancelled and you receive nothing if the books are not accepted by the 3rd party within 25 days.

In my case, the third party received the books and then decided against paying the quoted price, then shipped them back to me when the 25 days were up. Amazon customer service was, however, extremely helpful, which bumped up the rating a star. (Their email customer service is awful but they were good over the phone.)

While Amazon is trustworthy, the third party they used for my transaction was not a square dealer. Proceed with caution.