Chegg, the #1 textbook rental company, will pay you for your used textbooks. You can receive payment via American Express Gift Card, or Chegg credit. Just enter your ISBN, get a quote, and ship your books to Chegg. Chegg will inspect your book and pay you within 1-10 days depending on your payment method.

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Feb 2015 Received a check in the appropriate amount within the allotted time. It is a little slower than other companies, but everything went smoothly.
Feb 2015 Quick check in and got paid fast!
Feb 2015 Chegg is so frustrating. Every time I call customer service I am on hold for at least 15 minutes first. I mistakenly sent a book there and asked them to send it back and it took them an entire month and several angry phone calls for me to get it back. I also sold a book to them and they never paid me for it. Chegg may have great discounts but they suck overall.
Feb 2015 Mailed on Thursday, paid the following Wednesday and that included a holiday in there. No problem and fast payment!
Jan 2015 Terrible company! Owe me $500. Sent them 5 textbooks. They checked buyback in under different/wrong order number and only gave me credit for sending in two books.. Have pic of textbooks to prove ownership plus UPS tracking proves box weighed 11.20 lbs. "Chatted" with 2 reps and emailed another numerous times. Company cannot admit that someone in warehouse made a mistake. Cannot be trusted. Wish I could leave a -10 rating!
Jan 2015 One of my favorite companies. I totally trust them. And I love that they have customer service so readily available. Tweet them and they respond immediately until 10pm at night.
Jan 2015 Reviewed books quickly. Check was in the mail within 1 week.
Dec 2014 They have been the best company to work with on textbook buybacks. They notified me as soon as they received my books, and they paid me very quickly. Thanks.
Dec 2014 It has been more than a month and a half since I sold my book. But I am still waiting for the payments. The customer service is horrible. I will never sell a book to them.
Dec 2014 It has been more than a month and a half since I sold my book. But I am still waiting for the payments. The customer service is horrible. I will never sell a book to them.
Nov 2014 My check got "lost" several times :( They told me that will re-issue it. Had to call them 3 times to get my payment. Still waiting.
Oct 2014 Sold my books to chegg and they received them on 9/24, it is now 10/29 and still haven't received my check. Customer service doesn't give accurate information, I get different information every time I call. second check was issued but they are unable to tell me what day it got mailed. I will not be selling nor buying books from chegg again. If you want your money fast do not sale to them.
Oct 2014 They paid by check quickly and notified me by email that they were sending the check.
Oct 2014 I heard about a website called and I checked sell back prices for a textbook of mine. There was one site in particular that offered twice the amount chegg is offering, but I read the reviews, thankfully. The other sites reviews were quite poor and I have used Chegg for about 20 books in the past. So even though Cheggs price is lower I'm going with the quality of service I have come to expect and receive with Chegg. Thank you Chegg!
Oct 2014 Great site. Got every cent that I was quoted!
Sep 2014 Their process is pretty smooth in the beginning. They stated on the 3rd that they received my book and a check will be issued in 5 days. It is the 29th and I still have not received my check. I called and they said I have to wait 15 days before they will reissue and call after that date. I called after that date and they said that my specific date, the 3rd had processing issues and the check would be there in a few days. They expect me to believe that my specific date had issues? They are stalling for more time. RIDICULOUS! I won't use CHEGG again to sell books to.
Aug 2014 I sold two books to Chegg last semester. They offered the best price AND had a super fast turnaround with my money! They let me know as soon as they received my books and mailed my check very quickly. I am super pleased with them and am planning to sell more textbooks to Chegg in the future!!
Aug 2014 very slow, no customer service, didn't pay me for half of my order. find somewhere else to sell
Jul 2014 Chegg processed my buyback and paid via check fast. They didn't pay
me for one of my books and I received no explanation. It was in the same box as three other books. It was only worth $5, so I didn't fret. I called them and they were helpful and said they would open a ticket, but I never heard back. I'm cautious about continuing to sell to them, but I might have been a fluke.
Jul 2014 Overall a good experience yet it was stated that a book was not received when in fact it was. They tracked the book and submitted a separate check for this book once found. They pay on a timely basis once order received.
Jul 2014 I am a very patient person but I haven't received my check after notifying them two times. I agree, they need to use Paypal and until they do this, I will never send books to them again. I am still waiting for my check!!!!
Jun 2014 Great company, received payment within 5-7 business days and had no issues with them regarding the condition of my book. At first I was hesitant with sending my book in because of their guidelines for a "very good" conditioned book and my book had a little wear on the corner of the outside. Still got my full quote and I completely recommend this buyer.
Jun 2014 Got paid in less than 2 weeks from shipping books exactly what quoted for promised condition. Problem free transaction.
Apr 2014 Love love companies that pay quickly. Mailed books on Thursday, payment late Monday night. I have never had to deal w/ their customer service because I never had a problem and I don't mind using serve a bit. No complaints at all on this company unlike eome others that are extremely slow.
Apr 2014 Great buyback experience overall. They are pretty quick about checking books into the warehouse and sending payments through Serve. Every once in a while they miss a book but their customer support is top notch and they always make it right. Additionally they will send back any books that are not accepted, which a lot of other vendors do not do.
Apr 2014 Love dealing with Chegg. Super fast payment. Sent books on a Wed, was paid on Fri!
Mar 2014 Sent books out on a Monday and received payment for the full quoted price by Friday. I love Chegg!
Mar 2014 I was concerned in sending them a book that was the missing CD. I contacted them via Facebook and they assured me they would give me the same quoted price with or without the CD. I love Chegg. They are probably the best of the best!
Feb 2014 No complaints. Prepaid UPS label but they only pay by check, which took a few weeks to arrive. Customer service was good (virtual chat).
Feb 2014 Chegg is my vendor of choice. They issue payment quicker than any other company i have sent money to. They do not try to get out of paying for your book for any little reason like some of the other guys. Love chegg!
Jan 2014 I sold six books to Chegg for a quoted total of $196.73. Upon reading reviews from other sites I was definitely nervous about sending my textbooks to a site that keeps them if they are in "poor" condition. Sent my books out on the 12/23/13 and was notified Chegg received them 12/29/13. Books were in the conditions specified and I received the full quoted amount (or at least they said that was what the check was for). They said it would be mailed within 5 business days and I figured with New Years right around the corner I would probably be waiting. Check showed up today 1/11/13 for the full quoted amount. I have to say guys, I was definitely nervous about getting stiffed but it worked out. Warning, only send your books if they are in GREAT condition, if you are weary about the condition don't send it because they might not pay for it and it will mess with your experience. As a Senior graduating in May 2014 I would definitely sell more of my textbooks that I purchased not related to my major again. I hope this review provided a little reassurance because I had nothing but a positive experience. Also I asked for a Check NOT Swerve or whatever it is called, still no issues. Definitely would give them my business again.
Oct 2013 Serve will start a $1 monthly fee if you don't add direct deposit or have $500 in monthly transactions. Please Chegg switch back to PayPal! I will avoid Chegg until they switch payment providers.
Oct 2013 chegg is by far the best. I always get my money and they are really is to contact if needed.
Sep 2013 "GOOD NEWS" concerning Chegg. Like many of you, I was disappointed when Chegg went from offering paypal to the Serve account and stopped using them for awile. I finally decided to sign up for Serve(I have teenagers who love to shop!) because there are many times when Chegg offers substantially more than others are offering for a particular item. Here's the "good news", serve will pay a bill for you with your balance, effectively making your serve balance the same as cash. So far, I've used them twice for this, worked like a charm!
Sep 2013 I used to use Chegg when they paid by PayPal or check, but since they now only pay via serve card, I won't use them any more. It's a shame, because they were one of the best.
Jul 2013 Ugh! Got good price quote... but... where is money? Supposed to put to Serve card... but no money after 2 months. Got in touch via chat... said they would send check in 10 days. But according to others... that may never come either. Stay tuned...
Jul 2013 Just a heads up everyone--you don't actually even need a Serve account to get paid form Chegg. You can say you have a Serve account and type in a fake Serve email and when Chegg notices you don't have a Serve account, they will mail you a check instead. Trust me I've done it! They pay very fast even via Check! (BTW---I later tried Serve and got a $25 free promotion for a $1 purchase!) Chegg almost always pays the day they receive your book. Serve is pretty convenient if you guys give it a chance and payments are usually issued the same day the books are received as well, I'm telling you! Since you have the option to get paid via Serve, Check (if you play the system), or Chegg Credit ( which is nearly worthless since Amazon is almost always cheaper, but can be convenient for those who buy on Chegg) I give them an overall 9/10!
Jun 2013 It's been about two months now and the check they said would get to me in 15 business days has never arrived. I've had replacement checks sent and nothing at all. They even had the check returned to them once because it wasn't able to be delivered, and never bothered to let me know. I'm so done with Chegg. I want my money, then I'm never using them again.
Jun 2013 Had no issues with Chegg will use them again.
May 2013 Not sure what is up with Chegg, but I have several books which they have received weeks ago that have not been paid. Trying to reach customer service is next to impossible, and phone calls made to their company gets disconnected. They used to pay within a day of receiving the books, but now it has been over two weeks and nothing.
May 2013 Chegg is still "processing" 6 orders of books I sent in 3 weeks ago. I checked Chegghelp on Twitter and hundreds of people are having the same problem of not being paid yet!! I would not sell to Chegg until this is resolved! Just go and look for yourself on @CheggHelp on Twitter.
May 2013 Is anyone else experiencing service delays on getting paid? I submitted books 3 weeks ago and it showed it was received but still hasn't gotten paid. Also, the view order form is a mess, it will only show partial orders, not the full order of what you sold.
May 2013 They used to be good, but now they don't pay you via anything except american express card. No more paypal or checks.
May 2013 Chegg's new methods of payment as either only Chegg credit or American Express Serve just lost them a sellback.
May 2013 I used to like Chegg, but the payment options now are bit ridiculous. I will not be using them again until they return Paypal as a payment option. Adios Ghegg!
May 2013 They were super fast. Paid what they quoted. I have no problem with Serve as payment. Would definitely use again.
May 2013 I love doing business with Chegg even with the new payment policy.
May 2013 Great buyback prices, but they will only pay you via American Express Swerve or Chegg Credit. I don't have an American Express Swerve account, nor do I want to open one, considering all of the horrible reviews on the Internet and I don't need a Chegg credit, so I guess I'll take my books elsewhere!
May 2013 Chegg, PLEASE change your buying policy back to Paypal. You were my number one company to sell books to. You were lighting fast in processing the books and making payments. You always paid what you quoted and you were a real pleasure to sell books to. I am sad to say that I will now have to use other companies because without paypal, I just can't use you. Please, please, please reconsider Paypal.
May 2013 We are a non-profit organization and will no longer be using Chegg because of the payment change. We liked working with them but are not allowed the new choices of payment so we hope they change back and add paypal again as well.
May 2013 Absolutely loved selling my books to Chegg, until they instituted their new payment policies of the American Express Serve or Chegg Credit.
Apr 2013 I was a regular seller to Chegg, until they changed to that serve card or Chegg credit only. I might as well sell to Amazon, same money with less hassle. Not selling to them again unless they reinstitute paypal or getting a good old-fashioned check.
Apr 2013 Agree with everybody else... great service in the past and never head any complaints, but they desperately need a different payment method other than American Express serve or Cheg Credit... Currently using anyone else that accepts Paypal/Check with a good review.
Apr 2013 Chegg used to be one of my favorite companies to sell books to. When they paid via PayPal, it was lightening fast, usually within half an hour of receiving the email saying the books had arrived. When they paid by check, having to rely on the US Post office naturally took longer, although it always appeared that Chegg paid promptly. Now they no longer pay either way. You either have to sign up for a Serve account or get Chegg credits. I did sign up for Serve, but have to admit it is a huge pain in the tush. I am not interested in using this card, so I will no longer sell books to Chegg even if they are the highest buyer.
Apr 2013 These guys have hit rock bottom for me. At first, they stopped PayPal payments, and that was a major bummer, but I grudgingly accepted the longer wait check payments. It usually took about a month. I just found out this morning the only two methods of payment they accept now are chegg credit and a credit to an American express serve account. Not impressed. Will be using pretty much anyone else.
Apr 2013 Great company to send books to. Buyback prices fair. Customer service always has been exceptional. Although I love this company and am highly satisfied with the results, I have to admit I am switching buyback companies. The fact that paypal and checks are no longer an option for payment is a big disappointment. I do not want to setup a Serve account through American Express, nor do I need the Chegg credits. So my only option is to go elsewhere. Chegg I hope you change you payment method---I loved doing business with you.