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Feb 2016 Beware when selling your textbooks back to Chegg. I've been waiting for over a month to receive payment from selling my book to Chegg. Even though I've talked to someone twice now, they've both said the exact same thing with no further action seeming to be taken. I planned on using the money from this book to pay for books for this semester but now I am falling behind due to this issue. I am disappointed and completely dissatisfied with Chegg.
Feb 2016 This is the worst textbook - selling company out there. They will not acknowledge your quote and give you silly reasons like 'you didn't send the book on time' even though the UPS receipt says that it was sent on time. There is no coordination between the Company Warehouse and the Customer Service. It's as if they are two different companies. Please don't use this. You won't get your money - in fact you might have to shell out a few bucks to get your book back.
Jan 2016 The worst company I have ever dealt with. Their twitter customer support lies and doesn't respond. They lost my book, found it, lost it again and then found it again as of today. I shipped more than a month ago and still haven't received payment. This company is the worst and is borderline scamming people.
Jan 2016 Was shorted over $80 on quote. It says the payment was for the full amount on my order. It's been over a month and they still haven't sent the rest. I've received separate checks before. It's impossible to get through to customer service on the phone, 25 minutes later I was still on hold. You can't even send them an email.
Jan 2016 I sent them to books both of them were in the same box with the same package and slip they were received December 11th I got paid for one book but not the other everytime I call in they told me to wait for a few days until the money comes through since they put in an escalation, its December 6th 2016 nearly one month and I haven't gotten my money. I sent in a different book it was received and I already got paid for that book to check they obviously won't admit that they lost my book and they don't want to pay me for their mistake either.
Dec 2015 At first I had doubts about using chegg to sell my old textbook because of many negative reviews online. But I experienced no problem whatsoever when dealing with them. Sent the books on Thursday and received payment via paypal on Sunday, just 4 days later. It was a good deal and I would use their service again.
Dec 2015 Chegg is by far the best site to sell to. They constantly have the highest buyback prices and you can sell up to 10. Now that PayPal is back they process orders super quickly and you almost always get paid in less than 72 hours from when your shipment got delivered. Anytime I've had an issue, either lost package or missing payment, they've resolved it really quickly.
Highly recommended
Dec 2015 Recently I have used your web site to both rent books and to to the e-book rental. One of the Issues that I had was I did not know where to access my solutions book to see if it was something that would help me. I found out that I was charged for this service that I never used after a free trial. The customer service helped with that, but I would like to suggest that the solutions book be put on the same page with your book rental so that we know what is available and use it and then be asked if we want to purchase the rental of it, not just be charged for it. Thanks Gwen Mefford
Oct 2015 Super fast payment (7 days from mailing the book). Thanks, Chegg; will use your service again.
Oct 2015 I sent in my books in September. It's taking over 2-3 months to process my checks and up til this date I have not received them still. I tried calling, email ,and even used twitter since the other to sources were not available/dependable of addressing the issue I was having.
Oct 2015 there are many questions in discrete math book that have wrong answer and incomplete. Please make changes because I pay to get answer
Oct 2015 Outstanding! Quick turnaround and payment times for buybacks. Sold to many places and this one beat them all as far as speed of payment!
Oct 2015 I used Chegg for two books which they offered the highest buyback on. Upon receiving the books they sent an email notification that a check will come in ten business days. Subsequently, I received an update email that the check would be delayed. I ultimately received a check for the quoted amount in 14 business days.
Sep 2015 Books received by Chegg on 9/1. Received an email stating I will receive payment "within 10 business days." Contacted on 11th business day, Chegg says, "wait 15 business days". Contact on 16th business day, Chegg says "wait 20 business days". What a joke. So far 21 days, no payment received.
Sep 2015 It gives a fair quote, but it takes too long to give you the money.

I have been waiting more than one month so far and I haven't received the money yet.
Aug 2015 Very satisfied with Chegg with my 2 books I sold. They received my books on Aug. 12 and I received my check on August 18. Kept me informed with emails about prices and receiving them which was very important. Called a couple times in regards to a rental and another matter and the customer service was very helpful.
Jul 2015 No paypal option, and are a bit slower than other sites, but did receive checks at quoted prices, about two weeks after mailing books. Skip was particularly helpful.
Jul 2015 Simple, satisfactory transaction: offered one virtually new textbook since Chegg was the best offer on Bookscouter by several dollars, received mailing label along with email confirmation of their acceptance, carefully wrapped and sent the book via UPS, received email confirmation of receipt 4-5 days later, received check for correct amount about a week after that (I assume that the check is good). Complaints about Chegg seem often related to payment method and/or poor post-sale customer service neither of which were an issue in my case. Low ratings without logical explanation are neither helpful nor fair, but some of the low ratings sound well reasoned if they are truthful. It would be helpful to hear Chegg's response to those and/or to know if the transaction was ultimately resolved satisfactorily (I would ask the same about all vendors' ratings).
Jun 2015 Have had simple and easy transactions. Mailed books to them on separate occasions, received the checks in the mail quite quickly! No problems at all; thanks Chegg!
Jun 2015 I love selling to and ordering from Chegg. It's so easy and I've had no bad experiences yet. My one experience with customer service was on a rental, but for reference I'll mention it. UPS badly damaged the book, and their customer service very quickly let me know that I was not going to be blamed and put it in their system that the book was too damaged to reissue. It's rare that I feel like a consumer and not an IT person (i.e. I don't have to troubleshoot anything) with a company and every aspect of Chegg makes me feel that way.
Mar 2015 Paid 3 days after I mailed, the amount quoted. No complaints at all.
Feb 2015 Received a check in the appropriate amount within the allotted time. It is a little slower than other companies, but everything went smoothly.
Feb 2015 Quick check in and got paid fast!
Feb 2015 Chegg is so frustrating. Every time I call customer service I am on hold for at least 15 minutes first. I mistakenly sent a book there and asked them to send it back and it took them an entire month and several angry phone calls for me to get it back. I also sold a book to them and they never paid me for it. Chegg may have great discounts but they suck overall.
Feb 2015 Mailed on Thursday, paid the following Wednesday and that included a holiday in there. No problem and fast payment!
Jan 2015 Terrible company! Owe me $500. Sent them 5 textbooks. They checked buyback in under different/wrong order number and only gave me credit for sending in two books.. Have pic of textbooks to prove ownership plus UPS tracking proves box weighed 11.20 lbs. "Chatted" with 2 reps and emailed another numerous times. Company cannot admit that someone in warehouse made a mistake. Cannot be trusted. Wish I could leave a -10 rating!
Jan 2015 One of my favorite companies. I totally trust them. And I love that they have customer service so readily available. Tweet them and they respond immediately until 10pm at night.
Jan 2015 Reviewed books quickly. Check was in the mail within 1 week.
Dec 2014 They have been the best company to work with on textbook buybacks. They notified me as soon as they received my books, and they paid me very quickly. Thanks.
Dec 2014 It has been more than a month and a half since I sold my book. But I am still waiting for the payments. The customer service is horrible. I will never sell a book to them.
Dec 2014 It has been more than a month and a half since I sold my book. But I am still waiting for the payments. The customer service is horrible. I will never sell a book to them.
Nov 2014 My check got "lost" several times :( They told me that will re-issue it. Had to call them 3 times to get my payment. Still waiting.
Oct 2014 Sold my books to chegg and they received them on 9/24, it is now 10/29 and still haven't received my check. Customer service doesn't give accurate information, I get different information every time I call. second check was issued but they are unable to tell me what day it got mailed. I will not be selling nor buying books from chegg again. If you want your money fast do not sale to them.
Oct 2014 They paid by check quickly and notified me by email that they were sending the check.
Oct 2014 I heard about a website called and I checked sell back prices for a textbook of mine. There was one site in particular that offered twice the amount chegg is offering, but I read the reviews, thankfully. The other sites reviews were quite poor and I have used Chegg for about 20 books in the past. So even though Cheggs price is lower I'm going with the quality of service I have come to expect and receive with Chegg. Thank you Chegg!
Oct 2014 Great site. Got every cent that I was quoted!
Sep 2014 Their process is pretty smooth in the beginning. They stated on the 3rd that they received my book and a check will be issued in 5 days. It is the 29th and I still have not received my check. I called and they said I have to wait 15 days before they will reissue and call after that date. I called after that date and they said that my specific date, the 3rd had processing issues and the check would be there in a few days. They expect me to believe that my specific date had issues? They are stalling for more time. RIDICULOUS! I won't use CHEGG again to sell books to.
Aug 2014 I sold two books to Chegg last semester. They offered the best price AND had a super fast turnaround with my money! They let me know as soon as they received my books and mailed my check very quickly. I am super pleased with them and am planning to sell more textbooks to Chegg in the future!!
Aug 2014 very slow, no customer service, didn't pay me for half of my order. find somewhere else to sell
Jul 2014 Chegg processed my buyback and paid via check fast. They didn't pay
me for one of my books and I received no explanation. It was in the same box as three other books. It was only worth $5, so I didn't fret. I called them and they were helpful and said they would open a ticket, but I never heard back. I'm cautious about continuing to sell to them, but I might have been a fluke.
Jul 2014 Overall a good experience yet it was stated that a book was not received when in fact it was. They tracked the book and submitted a separate check for this book once found. They pay on a timely basis once order received.
Jul 2014 I am a very patient person but I haven't received my check after notifying them two times. I agree, they need to use Paypal and until they do this, I will never send books to them again. I am still waiting for my check!!!!
Jun 2014 Great company, received payment within 5-7 business days and had no issues with them regarding the condition of my book. At first I was hesitant with sending my book in because of their guidelines for a "very good" conditioned book and my book had a little wear on the corner of the outside. Still got my full quote and I completely recommend this buyer.
Jun 2014 Got paid in less than 2 weeks from shipping books exactly what quoted for promised condition. Problem free transaction.